Independence Day

 How was every body's Independence Day this year (My Dad would be disappointed to hear me call it 'The Fourth'. You have no idea how much that bothers him)?   I had a great day celebrating freedom.  We did our normal Independence day thing, went to the Family Reunion for my Mom's family. That is the only day we really get to see them, so its a pretty special day to my Mom. It's pretty much 'her' day. We don't dare make any other plans that could upset her reunion. Lest you think my mom is a boss, and mean, she ISN'T but, if you only get to see your Dad and Sisters, and cousins once a year, wouldn't you be picky on that day too? I would.
 Most of the day was actually spent with my Aunt Kristine, Uncle Johnnie, Aunt Jodie, Uncle Jimmie, Aunt Gay and Uncle Smiley's (Note: Smiley and Gay aren't their real names. When they were little, before they even met, they were nicknamed Smiley and Gay due to always being happy. Ironic, isn't it?) campground.  And, of course, all my guy cousins. I only have, like, 3 girl cousins. One (Brooke) didn't come, another (Becca) Drove home, and the Third (Tracy) is in her twenties. So, I've got more guys then girls, and I spent most of my time between Aunt Kristine, Tracy, and Mama.

But anyway, those little wrestling guys were all lined up on the fence, and looked so funny, I had to get a picture.
 Believe it or not, last year, this place was full of water all the way up to the tree line. This, folks, is Porter Pond.  Around Decemeber 2011, the sink hole in the middle opened up again, and sucked everything dry. Well, mostly dry. There are a few waist high holes of water that are Alligator ridden, and not very safe to swim in. Will the water come back? possibly. It has for the last twenty years done this on and off. But maybe this was the last time. Who knows.
 Had I been standing here a couple of months ago, I'd be feet under water. But now? Nope.
 Sadly, with all the water being MIA, this has given apparent reign to mud boggers. But, with it being right on a campground, and being State property besides that, its illegal. Aunt Kristine said the Sheriff had already been out twice, but the boggers managed to hide themselves and he couldn't catch anybody in the act.
 Whats left of Porter Pond. Nice, huh? lol. Thats a boat ramp, BTW.

 Me and Shiloh!
 And this young man (My brother, Zeb) had a dramatic experiance. A few days ago, he cut himself with a hatchet on the foot, and we had told him he wouldn't be able to swim. However, my Dad caved, and let him, just warning him against infection, bursting the stitches..etc etc. Since Porter Pond was dried up, we went to a Creek a few miles away. We had never been there before, and it was pretty deep. Well, Zeb is a very good swimmer, and started to swim across the creek (It was pretty big. More like a mini river) and got caught in a currant. We didn't notice at first. He fought against it, and it dumped him a few feet from us but across the creek. By then, all his energy was gone. But, he couldn't touch the bottom where it had placed him. He kept going under, and pushing up from the bottom, just enough to get his head barely over the top, and down again. In all ends, he was drowning. We noticed him bobbing, and tried calling, asking what he was doing, but he didn't reply. At that point, Mama and Aunt Gay heard him call out for help, and They started shouting that he wasn't ok. Daddy and Aunt Gay were going to go in, but this complete stranger jumped in, and was across the creek in a matter of seconds. That was TOTALLY a God thing. Even for a lifeguard, it would be impossible to get across that fast. He drug Zeb up onto the shore, and called for someone to bring a boat. Uncle Jimmie brought his boat over, and the guy swam back. Zeb had absolutely no energy whatsoever, a couple seconds more, and he would'nt have been able to even clear his head over the water. Zeb doesn't remember even getting caught in the currant. He remembers trying to swim across, then being put in a boat. He can't even remember calling for help. The thing that gives me shivers, is, I hadn't seen the man who helped Zeb around the water before he jumped in. And we had been there for awhile. And then, I didn't see him again afterwards. He seemed to have disappeared. All day, Alabama's 'Angels Among Us' has been playing through my head. And I had a good cry while listening to it this morning.  It really was  a miracle. Zeb was far enough away, Mama and Aunt Gay under normal circumstances probably shouldnt've been able to hear him. The Speed that Man got across the water. And that Man anyway.   We are currently thanking God for letting us keep Zeb this much longer.
 Little Cousins. Sydney is a couple weeks older then Shiloh,  and the two of them got along smashingly. After a bit of hair pulling, and pushing down, that is.
 Uncle Danny (My dad) playing with Sydney.

And now, for the finale of every Independence Day:

So, there was my Independence day. I'm really glad God had his hand on Zeb, and it didn't really sink in until this morning the sheer miracle he gave to us.

Signed with Happy Tears,


  1. Wow! So glad your brother is okay! That's very scary.

    The whole angels among us this is fascinating. There was a time years ago (I was pretty young, so I don't really remember) when Mama is pretty sure we encountered an angel. In the closest town to were we live, dowtown is not the most safe place to be, and there was a really creepy guy coming towards us. Out of nowhere (or at least Mama didn't see) came a man calling out to the creepy guy to distract him from us while we hopped in the vehicle... Definitely a God moment whether the man was an angel or not.

    OH MY GOODNESS! Your firework pictures are stunning!!! Sadly, we didn't have any. :(

  2. No fireworks here, either. Mostly because it's illegal to shoot them on the island we live, and they don't celebrate America's freedom in Asia. :-/

    The angel thing is pretty darn awesome. I can't think of a time where I specifically saw a man who could have been an angel, but I'm positive that Someone {whether it be an angel or God or whoever else He has employed up in Heaven} is looking out for us. :)

  3. I'm glad you had a great fourth, and that your brother is alright!! How frightening; I would have been sick to my stomach! :)


  4. Wow, glad your bros alright!! Praise the Lord, He is always looking out for us!! funny, I split open my toe last week and was not going to be able to swim either(I ended up swimming:)
    Love the firework pics, epic!

  5. Whoa--praise God he's okay! That's terrifying--yikers!

    Glad you had a fun fourth, I mean, Independence day. :P

  6. wow so glad your brother is okay God defintly works in mysterious ways thank God what a miraculous moment. Great photos glad you had a great independence day and all turned out well love your firework photos


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