Hearts and Flowers {and a giveaway}

Cheery-O is now four.
Four years peeps.
Four awesome Years.
The best, and worst Four years of my whole life.

For four years you guys have put up with my Adoxography (Look up the meaning. Please do) 
When I started Cheery-O (then under the name of 'Notes of the Field') I hardly knew what I was doing. I only read two other blogs; my Mom's and friend's. I didn't even know what 'following' was. When I discovered this lovely thing called 'following' and 'followers' I was simply blown away, and promptly followed the two blogs I read. A few other friends got blogs, and then, I followed my first blog of someone I didn't know IRL. I thought I was being a stalker, and was to timid to even comment.  
And then, when I got my first follower, I was sure they would try hunting me down, and kidnapping me. Ok...so..I was a little dramatic (I still am a dramatic person, but the said drama has shifted to other things. Fictional people, life, and songs).  I didn't think my life could actually be that interesting that some random person would actually follow me. And, 170 random people later, I still don't know what makes me so special to have all of you lovely people. Really, blogging isn't about how many followers you have, or how many comments you get, but I'd be lying to say it isn't a pretty amazing part. And, I will never turn down more followers/comments.

As I grew in my daily life, I began to change, or, fit into the mold I was always meant for.  I began blogging more inspirational/random/interesting posts instead of just daily life. And, I felt 'Notes From the Field' was a part of my life that needed to be let go of. So, NFTF changed to 'Cheery-O'.  And, you guys have stuck by as I experimented, toyed, and changed. My life has changed so much these last 4 years. You could say these 4 years have been the pivotal years in my life. But you guys were always there. My blog was always there. I could always depend on you, even if not all of you comment, I still see the pageviews. And, 100+ pageviews a week is rockin'.

Anyway, here I am, rambling on and on, and I'm sure you all want to see what sort of giveaway this absent minded professor has put together.

Prize #1:

Is from Hip And Crafty. the lovely Benson Sisters have graciously dontated these darling cookie sleeves:

(Random: Does it annoy you when people spell 'Cookie' like 'Cooky' you shall never know the depth of my wrath when I see it spelled that way. I have no idea why it bothers me so bad..must be the same tick that always corrects people when they say 'Sammich'. IT'S SAND.WHICH. SANDWHICH. not SAMMICH!!!.
Ok ok. you want to see the lovely donated item.....)

Cookies NOT included. sorry.
Perfect for gifting other people with, or for picniks. Or, for hiding your own preciouses in, and storing away in your room....no. forget I said that. Perfect for gifting people with. Lets just leave it at that....

Prize #2

Julie from 'Jewel of the Lion' which could very possibly be THE BEST fudge shop in the whole ness of Etsy, has cheerfully offered to donate a One Pound Fudge sampler:

It comes with 3 peices of 4 different flavors (You'll get a total of 12 whole yummy nummy pieces).
A few of the choices (You get to pick which flavors!) are:

White Chocolate Raspberry
Just Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Maple Bacon
Paanut Butter Swirl
Strawberry Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Crust

and MANY more.
See full list HERE.

Prize #3:

Allie has put together a simply splendid Alice in Wonderland combo for us...care to see?

A mug with the cute kitten Dinah, and an 'We're All Mad Here' sign!  Isn't it fab?

Ok...now...to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Its all very simple really. Just enter through the little Rafflecopter! I'm pretty sure you all know *how* the enter a rafflecopter, and if not, use your God given brains, and have a go at it. It's really not that hard to unpuzzle.

I just want to thank you girls/guys again. You have really made blogging a breeze. And, I hope you are all still around to celebrate the next 4 years with me.

Exxes and Ohs,
Hearts and Flowers,
Music and Birds,


  1. I haven't entered the giveaway - I'm fairly certain it's intended for American citizens only, since I'm not sure that the sending of fudge to other countries is allowed. This disappoints me greatly as that fudge looks freaking delicious!

    Happy Birthday to Cheery-O!

    I'm a fairly new follower, and I am happy to say that I am proud to be one of the 171 random people delighting in the awesomeness of your posts.

    Keep it up :) xx

  2. I think maybe just add more pictures, and outfit posts!! That'd make your blog even better!!

  3. I love the vintage Cade carved elephant from hip and crafty!

    I like the Neapolitan bars from jewel of the lion!!

    I love the cat mug from desolationallie!!

  4. Congrats on four years :D what an awsome blog keep up the great work looking foward to seeing more God bless

  5. Four years? Congrats! I absolutely love:
    Hmmmm it says Hip and Crafty is on vacation, so I can't choose my favorite item :( Best of luck with the giveaway, and many wonderful years of blogging to come!

  6. I love everything abut your blog, honestly nothing should change unless YOU want it to. I will always be following your blog no matter what you change :) I hope the next years are even better to you than before!

  7. Something I have always loved about your blog is that you always speak your heart..you're very genuine, and you're also a great writer! :) I honestly can't think of something else that would make your blog better...you already have wonderful pictures that you take. All I have to say is: Hands down, you've done a fabulous job my dear!

  8. Wish I could see Hip and Crafty's shop to pic a fave

    I love the lemon cheesecake fudge from Jewlofthelion

    I love love love the helephant glass from Allie

  9. Your blog is lovely the only thing I had a hard time with was finding the Etsy links, they were so small. Other than that I think it's perfect!

  10. I am enjoy reading your blog, thank you very much! And I will keep reading!


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