We enjoy playing board games together as a family, however, we often aren't able to, due to time/family size/age groups (Half little kids, Half young adults-Adults. You are going to come upon problems with what game to play).  Last Night, however, we all got around the table, made teams, and played a new game we bought called 'Guesstimation'.  It was pretty fast, which was good because a certian member of the family was winning, and the rest of us...were not.  But it was still fun. I will say, it was late, and my poor mind (which already is pretty slow of Mathamatical matters) couldn't keep track of the Thousands, Billions, and Millions. And Guesstimation's answers are pretty much all in numbers. My head exploded, and afterwards, I made a FB status stating, "I hate Math".  I think the younger children didn't really get the game as well, becuase it was geared for a more schooled audiance then 10-.  And then, some of the questions really left me clueless.

I really don't know, or care about, how much this 70s rock band's speaker system weighed.

Though, did you know, there is a car longer then the faces on Mount Rushmore are down? (up and down, not left to right).

Overall, it was fun. Even if I lost grandly, even if I embarressed myself quiet often with my lack of Math knowledge, and even if the certain member (Shown laughing ^up there^) rubbed it in our faces when she crossed the finish line and ended the game.

It was still fun, and thats what matters.

Oh, want a free book? GO HERE. It's by one of my favorite Authors, and if one of my favorite books of hers. A little about it:

No one knows what the cloaked creature is or why it is so terrifying. The villagers of Wynnewood only know that they must stay away from 'the creature' for fear of their physical and spiritual safety. An unfortunate encounter with a dragon introduces Philip Ward to the creature, and to his surprise, he finds a friend, confidante, and companion in more adventure than he'd ever dreamed possible. Follow Philip and the creature as they rescue a lame child, discover 'pirate treasure', and test the mettle of true friendship Shadows & Secrets is the first book in the Annals of Wynnewood

You can always get the e-book free, but thats not NEARLY as fun as getting the print version. Go look at the first link, enter, and if you don't win, then get the e-version.

Do it for me, since you all love your adoring and doting authoress? XD

You win anyway.

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