Hi. I've returned

So, when Ashley just goes 'Poof!' and disappears for a long long time, I could imagine Chaos ensuing, but you are all a good, level headed followers, and did in fact not start wondering if I was abducted by Aliens (And if you did, you kept your calm...good followers you are. freaking out gets one nowhere). but rest assured, I have not in fact been abducted, and now that I get to thinking about it, if I had been sucked into an alien spaceship, I'd end up becoming their ally, and I'd manage to get word to you somehow. Think of it, I could be the first intergalactic blogger!
Anyway, back to point,
I'm back!
So, I guess I owe an explanation, huh?
In my absence, I've done a few things, like:
1: I watched 'A Game of Shadows'.

Now, as some of you might know, I had HUGE HUGE huuuuUUUUuuuuge problems with RDJ's Sherlock. I wasn't a fan at all. In fact, I remember vowing to never watch them at all. *cough* I'm not going to make such vows anymore.
Downey isn't Cumerbatch, or Basil Rathbone, but he adds his own unique twist to the legendary Sherlock Holmes.
I really enjoyed this movie.
Besides Mycroft going nude around the house....O.o Yeah. They could've cut that detail out.
The humor of RDJ's Holmes was....hilarious.
And this lady. Was totally kick butt. Way cool is Madam Simza.

2: Babysitting

I think this little guy is one of the most easiest kids to babysit. I had so much fun, and learned a lot too! Like, I learned how to bottle Feed babies, how to eat and juggle and fussy baby, that housework is best done during naps, and its amazing what a body can do on just a cup of tea and chocolate milk...until about 2 PM, and then you start getting shakey, and lightheaded, and then its a good idea to eat.

3: Made a Tutu for Shiloh for her First Birthday

Isn't it cute? Isn't she cute? This sweet little girl turned a year old, growing up so fast its sad. :,-(

4: Watched some Star Trek

While I've watched most of TNG and VOY: I haven't watched a lot of the original Star Treks. So, I fixed that, and watched some while Ethan (The little guy I babysat. His parents had a HUGE Tv, and happen to be Trekkies themselves) was napping. Kirk is quite a characters. XD And Spock is as logical as usual. I thoroughly love Bones, I feel a sort of kindred spirit to him...Pessimism, we's gots it.

5: Got a Mockingjay Pin

Its moine! *grins and hugs it and runs in circles*
My little brother, Zeb, bought it for me when he went out with Mum and Dad for his birthday. Can you believe that? It was his birthday, and he got me something. I hugged him especially tight. Actually, I tackled him, and squeezed his neck, and nearly knocked him over by the sheer force of my strangle. I don't hug my brothers much, so I make sure to give them very exuberant ones when I do.

6: Went to Chick-Fil-A

Who else supported CFA on the 2nd? I may not have voiced it a lot, but I'm not a supporter of Gay rights.
Yes, Mikayla, I stole this from your blog. XD
I believe in one MAN and one WOMAN for LIFE. 
So when Mike Huckabee announced the Support Chick-Fil-A day, we all booted ourselves into the van, and stood in line with some of the most beautiful people I've ever stood in line with.  Honestly, there was A LOT of people crammed into the restaurant, but it wasn't loud, it wasn't crushing, and everyone was super polite. Letting others go in front of them in line, people who didn't know each other chatting, and one lady actually volunteered to go help the Servers at the cash register, and when they politely turned her down, she began stocking the Ketchup and Salt stuffs.
And then the cashiers.
See that Lady's smile? That was only a small bit of the pure joy and vibrant life that poured forth from those people. They were laughing, crying, and hugging random customers. It was so....precious. That event is one I shall remember all my life, it was so beautiful, and the whole feeling of unity that radiated from everywhere within that restaurant. The Joy everyone seemed to spread, these are precious memories. I'm glad to have a way to be vocal, and tell the Lesbian Community, there are still living, breathing humans who do not support Homosexuality.

7: I got Gum

It's really good. It tastes like mint, and the color pink. and smells like sugar.

And, thats it. ^.^
Have you missed me, followers?


  1. I'm not very open to seeing Robert Downey Jr play Sherlock either. Robert will always be Tony Stark. And he doesn't even look like Holmes. But I am open to Benedict's version of him. :)

    And yes! We went to Chick-Fil-A too! It was so busy but everyone was polite and thoughtful. At one point everyone started singing America The Beautiful or one of those patriotic songs. It was like an impromptu mob scene without the dancing. Lol. And their chicken sandwhiches are TO DIE FOR!


    1. I was very VERY firm On being Anti-RDJ-Holmes....but he actually wasn't half bad. See, this is what me and my brothers have worked out:
      Basil is Mr. Sherlock Holmes. The real deal.
      Benedict is Sherlock.
      And RDJ is Mr. Holmes.

      And RDJ is Sherlock Holmes in an alternate universe. XD

  2. sounds so awesome. shiloh is so cute. i still have to watch the new sherlock holmes movie but i do like the gifs. ;)

  3. You were missed!!!!

    I love the movies with RDJ, but it took me a bit to warm up to him. I haven't seen the shows with Benedict Cumberbatch (though I REALLY want to), but he is what I always imagine when I'm reading the stories. ... And I just have to say, I really, really like Jude Law as Watson. :)

    Sadly, Chic-fil-a is over an hour away from us. :( But, I TOTALLY support them!

    Happy Birthday, Miss Shiloh! She is too precious!


  4. As far as Sherlock Holmes' films go, Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite version, but RDJ's is amusing and incredibly entertaining. :)

    Glad you had a good week! And yay for going to Chick-fil-la on Chick-fil-la appreciation day!

  5. Ah! I love RDJ's version of Sherlock Holmes...but I also love Benedict Cumberbatch too!
    Also, your gum looks really, really good. Just saying...I've got braces - and it's basically almost killing me!

  6. Yay for CFA! Yeah, I don't support homosexuality either.

    That is a really cool "the end" image.


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- Blaise Pascal