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“So, uh, what did you say your name was again?”Allison handed him a cup of coffee, and glanced at him over her own Starbuck’scup.  “De-Demetrius” He paled, and thensmiled, “And, I heard that man call you Allison?”
She put her cup down; “Yeah” Silently she couldn’thelp but wonder what sort of name ‘Demetrius’ was. “Do you get called Demetriusin full, or do people shorten it to something, like, ya know, Demi, or Demen?”
Demetrius bit his bottom lip, it was an utterly attractiveand adorable action, and Allison had to sudden look down, under pretense offinding her chap stick, due to her blush.
“Well, uh, they tend to call me Grim…And that’s justa start” Demetrius glanced around, and looked positively panicked.
“Grim?” He looked ready to run, and Allisonfrowned, “Hey, it’s not something to be ashamed of. I mean, I was calledStinker when I was little”
His panicked expression faded, and he sat back alittle in his seat, “R-really? That’s pretty terrible” He laughed lightly, andtook another sip from his coffee.
“Yeah, tell me about it” Allison rolled her eyes, “Theyfinally stopped calling me that when I was around Seventeen.  Anyway, Demetrius is a bit long on thetongue, and I won’t call you Grim, can I call you Demi? I’ve always loved thename Demi”
He fidgeted slightly, then slowly met my eyes, “I’dlike that very much”


As he let the man drop, Emi backed further awayfrom him, what was this creature who faintly resembled the Vice she knew?
He laughed, but it was a pained one, and if shecould see his face, Emi would have noticed that Vice’s emotions were beingsplayed across his newly gained face, and it seemed he couldn’t decide whetherto rejoice, or be disgraced with himself.
He fell to his knees, all while looking at hishands, and then he covered his face, a sobbing laugh filling the air. 
She stared wide eyed at him, and shuffled to herfeet, “Who are you? What are you?” she begged for it to not be Vice, she knewall too well what this creature was, and should it be Vice…she would have tokill him.  She would have to kill himanyway, but the thought of killing the man who had saved her so many times,repulsed her.
He stopped that terrible crying laugh, and stood,his height still being a couple inches above her, without turning to face her,he whispered, “Are you going to kill me? You are terrified of me, I can senseit” he took a deep breath, and looked up at the darkening moon, “Your fear,though, its different then…his” he gestured at the shrunken man whose lifeforce he had just drained.
Emi held her hands up in attack form, “Fear, isthat what your race drains?”
Vice bent to retrieve his cloak, and Emi tensed.
“I’m just putting my cloak on, no threat” Vice,still not turning to face her, held up a hand. It was dark, nearly as dark asthe shadow he stood in, except for red swirls that looked, etched. They glowedfaintly, but not enough to disperse the darkness around him.
“You want to hide your face?” Emi asked sharply.
“I fear, I am probably horrid looking” His voicewas pained, and was a little back to the normal Vice she knew, but yet, he wasdifferent. Very, very different. 

-The Story of Emi

 Xander wanted to run after her, but he heard his name being called from across the courtyard.
General Beleg, a dwarf who made up for his short stature with a huge voice and bravery.
"Xander Bolivar!" He came up to Xander, and caught the last glimpse of Bly fleeing the area.
"What's wrong with her?" He asked, jerking a thumb in the way Bly had taken. Xander shrugged, which the pain in his arm quickly scolded him for, "I have no idea sir, something seems to have upset her"
Beleg laughed, "Well, that's apparent. It's good to see even Elvish woman get temperamental and moody"
Xander nodded, and Beleg glanced up at him, "Oy, Captain Bolivar, you plan on just letting her run away?"
Xander started to reply, but hearing his Aragathian Gaurd title used snapped at his attention, "General, I- Nithron I suppose informed you to my status? I'd be more then pleased if you wanted me to testify in front of a court, I'd completely underst-"
Beleg chuckled, and drew a rolled up paper from his coat, "In fact, I knew before Nithron told me" he held the paper out, and Xander hesitantly took it with his good arm.
"We got this from one of our men inside Aragathia..."

"I write to inform General Beleg Stonesir of the expected arrival of a dear friend of mine, Captain Xander Bolivar. He should arrive with the Elven Ambassador Bly Fernwalker"

It went on to go into enough praise to cause Xander discomfort, he skipped to the bottom where an all too familiar seal was pressed into that signature red wax.

"Greven Yark: Chief of Archery, and humble servant to the Freedom Movement"

Xander stared at the seal for a moment, Greven? It seemed like he somehow always knew, the way Greven acted, a thing he would say,
It made sense now.
Beleg coughed, drawing Xander back to the present, as he handed the letter back to the Dwarfish commander, Beleg said "I am not often found disagreeing with Lt. Yark, and I don't plan to now" he extended his hand, "Welcome to Revelin, Captain Bolivar" his grip was firm and incredible strong, and he walked off with a smile, but a few steps, and he stopped, "Oh, just a hint of advice, Captain. It's best to not leave a woman alone when she is in distress. It grows quicker then mushrooms over night, and often can get more terrifying then a full grown warrior Dragon" he winked, and strode off.
Xander waited until the General was gone, and took off quickly in the direction Bly had fled.

-The Incantevole Tales

Just some current brainstorming of mine. The Story of Emi is my NaNo novel, and Grim is a 'I-Must-Not-Get-Attached-Before-NaNoWriMo' Novel. And The Incantevole Tales is a RP story I'm working on with a few friends of mine. You can read the rest of it HERE. I write Bly and Xander, FYI.
Oh, and just so you know, I'm failing horribly at not getting attached to Demetrius/Demi and Allison. Particular Demi.

The Girl who gets attached to everything, 
The One who is excited for NaNoWriMo to start,
The One who is also anxious over NaNoWriMo's start,

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  1. First of all, this is really funny and ironic. ;D Great writers must think alike because I have a Xander and an Emi. And, Xander is Emi's dad in my universe. <3 Hehehe!!

    FANTASTICAL. You are amazing dearie. I am loving this....you are INCREDIBLE. I want the published novel, kay? ;D

    Mwah mwah.
    Grace <3

    1. I love how we have characters with the same names. XD you have an Evelyn too, right?

      Why, thank you! ^.^ But, are you meaning The Incantevole Tales, Grim, or The Story of Emi? ;)

  2. I feel your quandary over which novel to write/not write in November. I've had an idea for my NaNo for nearly six months, and I'm tremendously excited about it, but I had this new idea yesterday that...ah, it's taking all that's in me not to cave to it.

    Anyway. The Story of Emi pricked my interest the most, for what that's worth. Good luck with it! :)


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