Character Letters: A tearful begging

  It's time for more Character Letters!! Oh golly goodness. Now, to start out with, I'm sure many of you are wondering, "Why is this silly girl talking of nothing but writing? Hasn't she got a writing blog?" That's a very good question. And, indeed I do have a writing blog.  But, I had the idea a few months ago to collapse both blogs into one (I have a lot of blogs, ok? From my RP Blog I share with some friends, to my Review Blog, to my Writing blog that shall probably be abandoned, I just don't have time to post on all of them, and Writerly just has the least repercussions should it be kicked off the list).  So, I'm just testing the waters now. Tell me if this is fine. I could lie, and say I really don't care about how many followers I have, or what they think, but, as hinted, that's a lie if I ever said one. 

Anyway, on to my character letters.
You should be well aware of who Emi and Vice are by this post, and if you aren't, go to The Post In Which I Talk About My NaNo Characters and meet them. Please do. It makes it less confusing for everyone.

                           Dear Vice:
I'm sorry. I have no words for how much I regret the things I said, or the way I treated you. You deserved so much better than that.
I was so wrong about you, about Narls on a whole, and that ignorance that prompted me to act the way I did bites my soul bitterly.
You grew to be one of my dearest friends, and I pushed you away, no, I did worse. I said I would kill you if I saw your face again; I am so incredibly, woefully sorry. I wish I could say it was merely, "A Temper of the moment" but it wasn't. No, I remained hateful and bitter towards you and your race until I met Banji and Kimya, and they set me on the correct matter of Narls.
Here I sit now in Banji's house, I plan to set forth on my journey again. I must continue on to the next Guardian. But each step I take I shall miss you. For I did miss you even when I was hateful. I missed you terribly. Who knew you could hate and be heartsick for some ons all at once?
Each person I pass, I will wish it was you, so I could embrace you, Horns, scars, fangs and all, and tearfully beg you to forgive me.
I think, I think I love you, Vice. Is it even possible? And what would Mother say? (Emi would be ashamed if she knew I kept that part in there. She'd be ashamed to learn I shared this with you guys period...)
I write this letter, knowing well you will probably never receive it. If I knew where to send it, I would run there myself, but you have disappeared, just as I told you to.
I deeply regret that.
I promise, if you come back, I'll not kill you.

-Your Humbled Emi


  She probably wrote this on simple, rough paper.  A fire is crackling nearby, and Furgus, Banji's cat, is sitting on her knee, twitching with dreams of Mice and Milk.  Chakra is in the next room, snoring softly, though, she'll protest in the morning about her snoring.  Banji went to bed a long while ago, and Kimya went hunting. Yes, hunting. At night. 
After finishing her letter, drying the ink, gazing at it from arm's length, and frowning at the few tear droplets that happened to fall on it, she proceeded to toss it in the fireplace and go to bed herself.  It would be a most embarrassing moment should Chakra find it, and happen to read it.  Chakra being the busybody she is, wouldn't hesitate to read it from 'Dear Vice' to 'Your Humbled Emi' either. 
But, I found it, snatched it from the flames, and aside from a few darkened marks, it was nearly in perfect shape.  She'd be horrified to find out I shared it with all 171 of you. So,  lets keep this between ourselves, hmmm?

The letter snatching,
NaNo anticipating,
Plot Bunny and Wordcount Dragon owning (My dragon is named Peb, he is a cutie, and Soren is my bunny, I'll have to introduce you guys to them!)

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