Speaking of NaNoWriMo....

I realize I haven't spoken to you guys much about WHAT my NaNoWriMo novel, or the WHO's that play all the big parts in it. So, I figured, what better then to talk about the dear souls I'm currently very obsessive over?

We will start out with Emi, since, she is the main character, of course.

Emi was raised through most of her childhood by two parents. Her Father was a Fire Elementalist. Emi gets her bright, fiery red hair from him. He was always slightly disappointed at not being elected as the Fire Guardian, but, he refused to let that jealousy over come his life and taint who he was. However, for circumstances that won't be revealed at this present moment, he died (or, was killed, more like) during Emi's 12th year.
She began bitter without realizing it, and built up hidden hatred for the race (called Narls. More about them later) who had brought about her Father's early death. She inherited more then her Father's hair, however. She was also a Fire Elementalist, though, she lacked any training. She taught herself simple techniques, and knew the basics. On her 16th year, however, Guardian Melani, who was also Emi's Aunt, on her Father's side, Sought her out to being Emi's official training. And thus, began her immense life changing journey.
Emi is a bitter character, not crusty and hard, she doesn't even she is bitter until Vice opens her eyes to it. She also has difficulty asking for help, even when she needs it desperately. Due to her family being known Fire Elemantalists, most of her childhood was spent being shunned. She never had to depend on anyone outside of her small family circle. She makes friends easily, but she has a hard time letting them help her. She sees it as her duty to help others, not be helped. And, I'm sure you can imagine such stress accompanying such ways of thought.

Chakra begs to be next, and while I could very well say no,I haven't the heart to do so....

Chakra is the polar opposite of Emi, which might be why she adores the Fire filled red head so deeply. Chakra is the daughter of the Earth Guardian, and she met Emi when the Red head came to learn how to channel her inner Earth spirit from Guardian Dunn, Chakra's Father. Her Mother was also the previous Guardian, but when she died from a long illness, had to pass it to her husband, the only other trained Elementalist that they were aware of.
Chakra is normally a very happy person, though, she is a coward, and had the terrible misfortune of the element spirit not being passed to her. Instead, some fluke of nature caused her to gain transformation skills. She can turn into any animal, at least, for the most part. If the animal is a small, defenseless one. Her cowardice is her greatest flaw, and she can't seem to be able to transform into an animal that might need of bravery, such as a dragon.

Next is Penn, since he didn't ask, and probably never will.

Penn is Emi's cousin, though he is more like an elder brother since he came to live with his Aunt and Uncle while they were both still young children. He doesn't play a very big part in the beginning, and even when I bring him more centered, he still isn't one of the lead folks, but without him, a lot of plot would be lacking.
He is quiet, and takes great joy in watching things, and making improvements on daily life, an inventor, if you will. What Emi has in energy, spitfire and determination, Penn makes up for in silent continuing. Emi would often seek Penn out for advice, even though he wasn't an Elemantalist.

Naranbaatar crows for his entry, and thou darest not defy the orders of Naranbaatar!

As conquering king of Adomhaur, he is a tyrant who thinks himself as justice. He is able to control the Narls by some 'mystical' power, and is known for sending reports to people to be summoned to the castle at strange times. If you are summoned to the dark shadowy place where Naranbaatar dwells, it's a known fact you never return, or are heard from again. He seems to be mad at times, then frighteningly sane. And the fact that many Narls obey him frightens people. No man should be able to direct the shadow melting creatures.

And, on to Narl.

This isn't truly Narl's story, but rather, the end of his story. Wait, lest I confuse you, NARL is a man, a single man. And NARLSSSS are a race of creatures named after the first of their kind, ah, yes. The first Narl being, whodathunk, Narl. He is a strange being, insane, desperate, monstrous, and cruel. And he has connects with Naranbaatar.....strange connections.

And, perhaps before I dare step forward anymore, I should explain the Narls.

 They are creatures derived from my mind, the the minds of my IG followers. Imagine a creature, that was shadows at one moment, and with a single action, could take on bodily form. A Nazgul, but not a Nazgul. A creature that draws the very life from you, into themselves, and they could have you before you even knew they were nearby. A Dementor, but not a Dementor. When they suck the life from someone, only then can they transfer into a body, and even then, they are grotesque. Horns, Eyes with fire in their depths, fangs, and glowing red scars swirling all over their body. That, my friends, are the Narls. Able to summon Lightning from anywhere, and the deadliest of assassins. But, there is more. All Narls were once humans. But more then that, each Narl was once a Fire Elementalist. They grew corrupt due to power, greed, or any other sin, and used their Element for evil and self gain, rather then good, and their hearts grew ugly. They were cursed to be the monsters their hearts reflected, and were shunned by society as grotesque, and fearsome devils.

Now I shall proceed.

To Xipil:

When we first meet Xipil, she is the image of beauty, long golden locks that shine and curl gracefully, blue eyes that seem to have no ending to their depths, lashes that flutter against creamy skin. Her figure would make a Barbie jealous. But, we soon learn, Xipil's beauty and stunning is only a mask, hiding the despicable being she is.

And now, we have come to him. The Hero of our little plot, and the reason he is listed last? Ever heard the "Best for last" phrase?

I come now, to Vice.

 Rather Aragorn-ish when he first meets Chakra and Emi, he tries to get the two girls to let him help him. But, no decent minded girl accepts help from a total stranger who won't even show his face. After he saves them from a slight scuffle, Emi grudgingly accepts him into their group. The two grow to be mildly chummy, but the fact that Vice refuses to show his face, and another (smallish) matter I won't mention now, keeps Emi from totally handing her trust to him. A misfortune turn of events accrues and Emi discovers Vice is, in fact, a Narl. The beings she despises the most. Despite the fact that Vice has done nothing but help them, she gives him the run for his life, and thinks she'll never see him again. Ah, but how wrong she is. It's harder to shake a Narl then you think.

And, there are minor characters, Melani, Banji, Dunn, Ziarda, Dross, Geet, Yulva, Harpy, And the list goes on. I've grown to fiercely love these people, they are mine, the people that dwell inside my head, yet plead to be removed and shared. Ya know, it would make them simply giddy peaches and cream if I did an interview of sorts with them. All in favor, say "Aye!"

Emi, Chakra, Dross, Geet, Yulva, and Xipil: "AYE!"
Not YOU guys....

And I have no idea what I'd ask for an interview, what would you ask ^that^ messed up bunch of story people?

You can read the Synopsis on my NaNoWriMo page, and while there, why not add me as a Buddy? I love buddies. ^.^

In other notes, I went to a local festival today, and I'm BEAT. My legs are pleading to just be cut off, and thrown into the Thames, except, I live nowhere near the Thames, so they'll just have to remain attached to myself.   I am also sporting a lovely Henna design on my left hand:

the clayish stuff and glitter has since dried and came off, leaving the typical orange Henna stain. I can't wait for it to darken!
I saw the booth (They did full face painting, and Henna) and I just knew, I had to have it done.  The lines to that booth were expremely long, so I planned to wait for a bit, ya know, until the lines subsided, but after a few hours, and there didn't seem to be able pause in their csutomer flow, I decided to jump right in line. And there, in line, I stayed. For close to 45 Minutes. I was hot, I was tired, my dog (I brought my Jack Russell, She doesn't get out of the house near enough.  Since she is so used to little kids, she was an instant attraction, Sometimes to much so, to my occasional annoyance) was being battered by the kids in line who were waiting for their face paint, and were absolute PESTS. Kids, personal space, heard of it? They tried turning my camera on, taking my iphone out of my pocket, my fob watch was opened and closed and opened and closed, and opened and closed, and the little girl kept trying to take Ella's leash away from me. And thats just the torment I went through. I wont go into detail about how the same little kids tortured the Little girl in front of me.  If their mum hadn't been standing right there, I might have put them in order, but, sadly, there their Mum stood, chatting away to her sister (Yes, It was her sister. I eavesdropped. I mean, what could be so important a topic you let your kids harass complete strangers like that?) about how she kept dumping her boyfriend.

I think we all need to take a facepalm moment right here and now.

Anyway, I finally was freed from those little brats, and got my Henna. Call me heartless, cruel and mean, but those kids were brats, and I nearly sang praises of hallulujah as they walked away. 
You touch Camryn (My Camera) without permission, and I might bite your head off.
You pull my dog's legs and choke her (and laugh) and try to take her away from me when I ask you not to, more then your head will be bitten off.


Anyway, I'm home, I'm tired, but me and Ella are in one piece. And I have Henna. and I'm about to have Pizza.

Nothing could be better.

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  1. This is awesome. Seriously. You've inspired me to keep working at my own book...(I sort of hit writer's block)...but not anymore! You are a really talented writer!


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