Several trustworthy, witty authors to guest post on a blog during the Month of November.  Preferably with current blogs, and Christians, but not required.  Must be capable of writing clean, entertaining posts.  If you are interested in said position, please contact Blog owner at email address at bottom of the post. 

As some of you know, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this November.  I'm trying to cut out distractions, and that include Cheery-O. Yet, I highly doubt I could deal with the grief of my poor little blog sitting empty and un updated for a whole month.  So, I'm reaching my hands out, and asking for guest posters who wont be occupied with NaNoWriMo.  I'd like at least 5, but of course, I'm not against more. ^.^ In fact, the more the merrier. 
Not only is it good advertisement for your blog, but also, its a great opportunity to write random posts that you've had floating around your head, but don't have time to cram into your own blog.
So, if you are interested, you may contact me at:

Godsforlife AT gmail DOT com

It would be nice if you had a basic idea of what you'd like to post, but its certainly not required. 

Smiles, hugs, and butterfly kisses,
I'm going to be sick of my inspirational music come December,
I leave you with a totally random picture up there,

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