// Trying //

I've never drawn well. I'm just not the artist type, I guess. I've always been content drawing people with words, and if I had to use pictures, I either photographed them, or drew stick figures with triangle dresses, and baggy pants and simple one strand hair. I never expected myself to be a great artist with the paint brush. It never bothered me that I couldn't draw, or my people were drawn on a kindergarten level.

And then, my 10 year old little sister shows extraordinary artistic skills. And when we'd play Pictionary, people had trouble guessing my pictures. And then, to add insult to growing injury, one of my other little sisters caught me trying to sketch Picard's Enterprise. Had she right out said, "That's a crappy drawing" I wouldn't have been insulted, because, I knew it was bad.

She says, "why are you drawing a fork floating in outer space?" I knew it was bad. But the fact she thought it was a FORK hurt. I decided to never try my hand at that form of art again.

I've always been able to do things.
I wanted to write well, so I did.
I wanted to sing soprano, I taught my lungs to do it.
I wanted to sew, I achieved it.
I wanted to Make jewelry, I looked up DIY after DIY until I could.
I taught myself basic HTML, I got into book reviewing, I can sing, dance, I can do it all.
Except draw.
And it stung my determined streak that I'd never been able to do that even mildly well.

I decided a few days ago, to try out a face sketching tutorial is found, because, well, I was bored. And was frankly tired of writing NaNo notes each time boredom knocked. So I looked up the tutorial on my Pinterest, took a deep breath, and dared to try again.

So maybe I'm not as good as some other people, maybe I'm not the great Artist I'd LOVE to be (but knows I'll never be). But you've got to admit its a step up from Stick figures. No?

Well. That's basically it. I'm going to keep trying. Maybe some day I'll be able to draw without a tutorial....

Signed with pennies and dimes and a kiss,
Oh how I hate that song,
But, the tune is stickin' thanks to this video,
Where ya think your going?

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{And should I get 'Wicked' by Gregory Maguire?}

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