Dear Peeps:

I got a request to continue my 'Dear Boys' by a certain friend.  In truth, I had wanted to start it up again, but each time Elise had posted the new round, I was busy, or just forgot.  Well, I finally got around to it. ^.^ Happy, Mirriam?

Dear Vice:
I'm sorry for all the terrible planning I did for you. It was ugly of me. But I'm not really all that sorry.
Scream if I get too scary,

Dear DOTK:
Ok. Don't know what to think. Or even if I should think. I'm just going to ignore the annoying wonderings. It's always worked before.

Dear Key,
Your death state is overwhelmingly cute.
 <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p"> -Lest I spazz.

Dear Cayne,
You burnt marshmallow you.

Dearest Ministrel,
Come, whisk me away will you?
-Yours truly, forever and ever and ever.

Honorable Lord Summer,
I've had enough. Go on now, sir. Find some other soul who desires your warm embrace. For its not I. Me and Minstrel Fall shall be lovers forever.
-So deal with it and move it.

Dear Sandy,
My opinion of you matches Anakin's.
-Wacky FL girl

Dear Toto:

Dear Xander,
You came quick, you'll be gone long, but you really have claimed a piece of my heart.

Dearest Narl,
To cry, or to laugh. To mourn or rejoice. To love or to hate. To pity or scorn. You do confuse me, Sirrah.
-I shall Grieve you all the same.

Dear Nathan Norrington Wright Moseley:
Come at me Bro.
-Miss Ready

Dear Lifegaurd:
Oh my goodness. I might've hidden in, but I almost had a fangirl moment. You looked shockingly like Finnick Odair. Just a few years older, and blond. But otherwise, you were him.
How's Annie?
-Normal Beach goer

Dear Readers:
And now I leave you to puzzle which is fictional, and which boy is real. And who symbolizes who, and who just symbolizes himself.
Signed with a dash and a squiggle, since I have to go hurry and start my History lesson. College. History lesson.
-This here Girl.


    And and and Key. XD

  2. You never cease to make me laugh, girlie! Love the Finnick Odair one and fall vs. summer one. :)

    1. Why, thank you. ^.^
      Oh yes, I forget when I began personating the seasons....but it's Lord Summer (He is regal, and friendly. But very intense at times). Lady Winter (Cold, distant, and she is always fleeing from Fall, who adores her). Maid Spring (Gentle, carefree, and tries to hardest to catch Lord Summer's eye). And my favorite, Ministrel Fall (He sings, and dances, and rather prefers red, orange and brown over green. He is funny, light hearted, and is star crossed for Lady Winter). ^.^ Someday I'll write a book about these 4.


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- Blaise Pascal