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I was tagged. Aren't you proud? ^.^  The rules say I must thank The Mad Elvish Poet, since she tagged me, so "THANK YOU!" and you guys should go follow her. yep yep. ^.^
Random ballerina GIF. Happy?
1. Go look up "A Spaceman Came Traveling" by Celtic Women. Make sure you get the concert video. Watch it. Did you drool over the dress?

2. When you get a new book, do you smell it?
Uh....Don't all people? No? Oh....
3. Have you ever found that book you really wanted in a secondhand bookstore, forgot to check the pages, and gotten home only to find that someone has scribbled in it? How mad did it make you?
Oh very. I felt like mourning over the poor book, and how it had been violated. And then I got all: "I will find you and kill you" towards whoever did that.  It's really convenient when they leave their name in the book too....
4. If you could be endowed with fluency in any language, which on would it be?
Elvish. Please and Thank you.
5. Do you prefer Tortured, Untrusting, Silent, and Darkly Mysterious male characters, or Open, Gentlemanly, Teasing and Sweet ones?
Option Number One! The Open ones are just to open, and sweet, and easy. Pshhhh. I want a Mr. Dark and Mysterious. And, you can just look at all my Heroes in my books, and tell that....
6. If you could be endowed with the ability to lethally wield any weapon in the world, which one would it be?

 Does Elemental bending count as a weapon? If yes, Then, That.  And if no, I'll settle for a bat'leth. 

7. What do you think of my questions in this tag?
I like them. They be fun. ^.^ "A Most interesting diversion". 
8. Which of your characters is the most precocious?
I had a hard time choosing between Chakra, from my NaNo novel, and Vevina, from Stranger Things. But I think I've picked Vevina.  That little girl should only be around 10 years old, but an...*coughcough* accident...of sorts...if you would even like to call it an accident...*glares at Sullivan*, she is closer to 200 years. She's just been asleep. As a little girl, aged, and, well, she is just very precocious, she can be a handful. Ask anyone. Ask Sullivan. 

9. What does he/she think of the questions in this tag?
Vevina? Ah, yes. I see...uhhum...Ahhh. Indeed.  you really shouldn't be wanting more- That's true....Ok, thank you dear.
She says that the questions are nice (But most things are nice), but she wishes there were more romance centered questions. And when I started saying she shouldn't be wanting more romance, her being a little girl, she insisted she is older then me, and can read romance if she wants, and Sullivan isn't openly opposed to it (Sullivan: NOT TRUE NOT TRUE NOT TRUE!. Shut up Sully, it isn't becoming of you to interrupt or yell like that...) so she may ask. 

10. Did you have to censor or threaten in order to get the answer you presented?
Nope. Not at all. Vevina always likes inserting her opinion, and since she comes from a good family, and was taught good morals, she would never dare curse. (Vevina: Or do naughty, mean things like Sullivan does..... ) (He is your brother, Vevina, and Lord Sanguini, you should be nicer, He is sorta sorry for what he did. Now, be a good girl, and don't pester him to much. Otherwise, he might feed you to his Cockatrice)
11. What threats to you use against your characters to get them to behave? Do they work?
Well, different threats have different outcomes of different characters. I rarely have to threat my girls, but my boys...
For Vice, I threaten with making him more monstrous. He pleads for me not to do that, and will do anything to guarantee that doesn't happen.  
For Sullivan, I threaten to let Canaan capture Paige. Oh ho ho ho. He hardly likes that idea. 
And, yes. It might take a lot of threatening, but it always works. ^.^
Now, I must make 11 Questions myself:
1- Pirates or Ninjas? Why?
2- Which Elemental bending would you prefer to have?
3- What are your opinions on Vampires? (Not the Edward Cullens kind. I swear, I think Tinkerbell had a son, and I think his name was Edward, and I think his Father was a Vampire...) 
4- What do you do when procrastinating?
5- Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
6- What are you currently reading?
7- What is on your reading wishlist?
8- Describe your emotions when you open a new box of crayons.
9- What is the most embarrassing thing you have done in public?
10- If an alien vessel appeared in your back yard, you would-
11- Whats the favorite character you've ever written? (Or, read, if you aren't a writer).
And, I'm to lazy to outright tag anyone. So, tag yourself.
 Signed with a Flop and a smile, because I'm tired, and lazy, and in a GIF-ish mood,

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