the sea said goodbye to the shore so the sun wouldn't notice. 
the sea wrapped its arms around you.

i was going through my camera, and it's pictures. november in particular had a bounty of fun, more than just nanowrimo, and yet it completely slipped my blog and mind.  so here i am, flashbacking.
oh, but in case you wonder why i am suddenly typing in only lowercases, its not to fit in or anything {though the style is growing on me like chevron and grey..} it's due to us getting a new computer, and the keyboard is arranged so funnily, finding the shift just isn't worth the effort.  i really don't like this new computer. i mean, yeah, it's faster, has more storage space, but i will always love my darling greg baby.  he is the best laptop i've ever been allowed to meet.
second reason, i'm so stinking lazy right now.  you really should have heard me complaining while doing my math {we do it on the computer, that being one of the reasons we got a new one. greg wasn't reliable enough to sustain our math programs without becoming near death}.  i couldn't press 'enter' to go to the next question. i had to, legit, move the cursor all those three inches to click 'next'.  i complained like a lady with airs.
i swear, i'm not usually this lazy...i don't know what has come over me...
and yes. i know i spelled november wrong. i was just to, surprise surprise, lazy to go and change it after i had already closed adobe photoshop down.
 november was spent mainly in writing and spitting tea with my dear tea spitter group {we have a blog by the way! we decided to share our hilarity with the rest of the world. also, it's part of our world dominion cause. by following, you may rest easy knowing you have helped aid such a notable force} but a weekend of it was spent beach ward, and, i think, this was the weekend my heart betrayed me. 
 i began to love waves and shells, and be proud of living in the sunshine state. i mean, i was always proud, but i rejected the sunshine of our many beaches.  this weekend broke me. there was something so changing about waking up to the crashing waves, eating dinner while watching the sun sink, and swimming every day.  it was awesome.  i smelt of salt and it took days to wash the salt water waves out.
since it was in november, there wasn't a lot of people there, and our condo building was pretty much just us and old people. it was nice. we swam in the pool, and played volleyball all on our own, and didn't have to worry about people on a whole.  the evenings were a little chilly, and the last day brought with it wind and cooler weather than was preferred for beach going.
 so we built castles and collected shells {and my parents had to make an ER trip when my brother sliced his toe open with a shovel. >_> but all ended well} we watched the sun set, and teased the waves.
 the last sunset was so beautiful. so pink and purple. i've never seen a more beautiful sunset. it made the sand look so fluffy and cozy and soft.
it was magical.
 even though, my mom scolds me for my 'weird tilted angles', i do enjoy them. if you don't just, quirk your head to the side.
little side note here, i'm really liking not using the shift key. it might become habit. lowercase is so stress less. one less thing i have to worry about....
 the water was so blue and perfect. but cold. boy was it cold. it was like liquid ice.
well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration...if it was liquid ice, i think we'd have all gotten our death of colds {can someone really die from a cold? colds seem so innocent...}.
but it was cold, all the same.
in case you wonder, about all the words on the pictures {aside from my watermark} maybe i felt a bit hipster-ish while editing these, and just decided to put my own little edits on them.
your welcome.
or sorry.
however you want to take it.
i also learned to love beach waves. previously, i hated them. in fact, when we went swimming at the beach, i would bring shampoo to wash as much salt out as possible under their little spray off station. and when we'd get home, i'd spent nearly 30 minutes washing my hair alone just to get the saltiness out.
but, here i sit, listening to rainymood, my hair perfectly unsalty, and i yearn for it.
it was beautiful. tall condos and apartments lined the shoreline, and occasionally, a para glider or even a pirate ship, yes, you heard right, a pirate ship, would cross the sky or sea.  someone owns a real life pirate ship, complete with canons they would blast, and a jolly roger they'd hoist. you would hear them coming, even when they were only an half an inch spec on the horizon, and the booming of their canons would get louder. little kids would wave, and people would take pictures.
it was incredible.
i want a pirate ship.
it was only two days
 nearly all of us girls had to pile on one bed
 i didn't get much writing for nanowrimo done that weekend.
 i went to bed and woke up with salty tangles.
i forget how many times i swam
i fell in love with sea and salt, seagulls and pirate ships.
 i came home with far too many shells to keep.
i ate dinner while watching the sun fall back down into the horizon.
i dreamed of what was beyond my eyes' sight
i walked along the shore
i interacted with more strangers in two days then i ever have.
i mean, i AM an introvert. i dont seek people out.
i watched periwinkles hide themselves in the wet sand.
i built a fail of a sandcastle.
and then decided to just dig a deep deep hole.
which was also a fail.
i came home, decided to write a story about the beach
and i came home, already wanting to go back.

so, cheerio me ol cream crackers.
till next time,
The Floridian.

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