Pixie Dust

I have an upcoming photo shoot for next weekend (the 23rd), and I've been scouring every corner of my dusty mind for possibilities. I'm really not the best for the fresh and new, instead, I like to take pre-made ideas, and make them mine.
Unless it is in writing, of course...
But, back to topic, I found Glitter photography, and I knew, just knew, I had to try it out for myself.  
So, armed with two bottles of glitter, in both silver and gold, my tripod, my trusty G10 (I seriously need an upgrade...suggestions?) and 3 very obliging models, sisters, of course, I headed out to try this new thing before putting Katy, my paying model, under the art.

 This one was shot in our big ol warehouse out back (yes, we have a warehouse big enough to park 2 semi-trucks in. be jealous).  The lighting inside is just to die for.  The windows all face the right direction, and when the light comes in through them, it is just so warm and perfect, I can't help but make it my go to location when photographing my siblings around the house.
The only big problem was, the lighting I adored, also didn't catch the glitter and make them sparkle as well as I'd have liked them too.  Instead, it was more, more..firework-y.  Which, is all good and pleasant, but, it wasn't what I was wanting.
So, I headed outside, and compromised my delightful lighting for pure sunlight, which is a good/bad on it's own.   
I liked the effect on the glitter that I got; it's what I originally wanted, but I don't have a reflector, and so, the sun was beaming right down on Shauna.  It wasn't as terrible as it could have been, I guess, as the sun was just starting to set, and wasn't directly overhead, but you can tell, it lacks the warmth and coziness of the first option.
And, try as I might, I couldn't get them to blow the glitter, and look happy about doing it without making them grimace and look more like wicked minions planning someone's demise.

 I finally figured out how to add the gritty look I've grown to kinda love thanks to Jocee and the way she sometimes uses it (If Jocee does it, I'll probably love it, ok?).
It was so easy, I felt like a totaly dunce, but, at least I figured it out on my own, so, brownie points there at least....
it's noise guys.
I should have figured that out, as my ISO setting has a lot of noise in it, and it looks gritty, but not in a cute photographic way, but in a my-iso-setting-sucks way.  
And, I just happened to make the magic connection, and voila. If you don't like photographic noise, sorry, as, I will most certianly be using it in the future because I think it's cute and awesome and just so perf.

As you can see, I used both silver and gold glitter.  I found it worked better when showing up, and kinda made two colors.  You can't really tell there are two colors, but, I can. And, sometimes, thats all that matters, right?
I plan on getting heart or star confetti to use next time for a more chunky look, as well as it will be easier to see. 

 I have a confession.
I'm feeling far too professional, and just not Ashley enough.
It's like I've lost my muchness, or something...
so, I shall tell a joke. 
What did Cinderella say when she left the photo store?
-Someday my Prints will come.-
Ok, so, it's not all that great, but, it makes me feel better.....
Of course, I didn't mean to imply that Ashley Tahg alone isn't a professional, she does aspire to be....but to be professional and to act professional is as big a difference as Jennifer Lawrence and Kristin Stewart.

So, yeah. I say my mini photoshoot/test photoshoot with my sisters went off well. 
I really enjoy using glitter as a prop, and I'm going to use it for my real photoshoot fo sho.  
You just can't go wrong with glitter, can you?
Well, unless you are a guy, and then...well, glitter just doesn't look so nice with a guy.
It just looks creepy.
and weird.
very weird.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the title, and why I called this post "Pixie Dust", there is a reason to it.  I'm not totally random.
While taking Shauna's pictures, she said, "This stuff is like pixie dust, like fairy dust...I'm a fairy now!"
I did have to suppress the urge to say that according to Stephanie Meyer, Vampires sparkling, but I saw no need to shock the child before her time.
sparkling vampires.

The Host looks awesome. purely so. And I never thought I'd say that about a S.M book/movie. But I am.

I'm planning on shifting my book reviewing from T.E.R to here. No real reason, and it's still in the thinking process as to whether I will or wont. What do you think?

I'm sure most of you have heard about the very likely possibility of GFC leaving. (Stupid stupid, brainless move on Google/blogger's part...) but, I;d thought I'd let you know, you can either keep getting updates via email, just sign up.  I promise not to clog your inbox (Pssh. I post once a month apparently...I'm such a wretched blogger...I do promise to get better).  
Or, there is always that lovely site called "Bloglovin".  
(I do realize most of you have probably read this same message 100 times by now...).
But, Here is the link to Cheery-O's bloglovin. I really do hope to see you guys shift over to there. I'm not not not going to speak of how disappointed I am in Google for removing GFC, but, who knows. Maybe they aren't and it's just the blogosphere over reacting. Lets keep our fingers crossed, hmm?
Or, you can always like Cheery-O's Facebook page, as I post links to new posts there..... 
*winkwink* *hinthint* *youreallyshouldlikethepage* *ok?*

So....yeah. Thats about it. 

Till next time,
Cheerio me ol' cream crackers.
-Ashley: The girl who photographed.

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