What I wore Wednesday- For the First Time

First time for everything, right?  A long long while back, I asked what I could do to make my blog better, and while I don't remember when I asked it, I do remember Elisha said something about more fashion/outfit posts.  I thought it was a good idea, at first, but didn't think much of it, as I 1) Didn't think I actually dressed cute enough to make posts about. and 2) posts with pictures of just myself, my awkward self,  rather frightened me.
But, after being told by a couple different people that I have such a cute wardrobe (I'm still not a total believer, but whatevahs), and beginning to feel a bit more confident in front of the camera lens (more on that in another post), here I am! Doing my first "What I Wore Wednesday" post!

Have I ever told you how I almost became a model? no? Well, another tale for annother day.
(Don't freak out. It was just a little girl's beauty pageant where the winner would go to New York to talk with modelling agents.  I was only 5, and just enjoyed where the dresses, and having fancy hair).  But here I display all the sass and attitude (or perhaps I'm just hamming it up...) that I could have unleashed upon the world of models.  Consider yourself lucky. ;D
And, why I never became a model. XD How do they do jumping pictures in magazines where their hair stays clear from their face? Super Duper Incredible hairspray?  As it is, I look like I have a poofy beard...

I actually ended up going places today (errands, really).  A quick stop to the bank to solve a checking account problem, and a stop to the Post Office.  Really, the life of an almost adult is busy.  Though, be proud of me, I did all these things on my own.  I sat in the bank's office while he helped figure out why I was being charged $10 a month, and actually understood what he was saying when he discovered and explained why, and solved it! I, little Ashley who has often been called a ditz, solved a grown up problem on my own!

I'm quite proud of myself right now, if you haven't picked that up yet. 

So, break down of the outfit:

Turquoise (it is Turquoise, even if it looks more blue in the picture) and white tanks- Old Navy
Jeans- New York and Company
Tan half cardigan- New York and Company
Shoes- Local Thrift Store
Bracelet- Different Local Thrift shop.  It is actually a necklace that I've wrapped around to turn into a bracelet.

Cheerio me ol' Cream Puffs,
and peace out yo,


  1. I have no idea how they do the jumps. LOL

  2. Gorgeous!!! And I really have no clue about the jumping pictures....either they're really talented or it takes about two thousand tries. XD


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