this quiet place

Last weekend (yes. it has taken me this long...) we rearranged my room.
Well, it used to be my room.

For the past 4-5 years, I have had a room of my own, but with Mama being pregnant again, and with eleven other souls already living in this abode, we needed to make room. So, I'm now sharing a room with my first sister, Shauna, and fifth sister, Shiloh. (look at the family page. ;D).  I'm not hating it as much as I thought, as Shauna is eleven, and shiloh, while only being a year old, doesn't make much messes (unless dragging all the blankets off my bed counts....-_-).  And, in addition, we finally painted the walls.
We have lived at this house for...what, three years now? and the only room we've painted is the living room and hallway.  The rest of the house has had this horrid white.

Now, I like white. Just not on walls.  It's so bland and tasteless.

Well, I've run out of things to ramble about, so...here are the pictures:

standing in the doorway, looking in.  I thought about turning the light on, but we never use it (It's a pain to me.  I prefer lamp light..) and it is more realistic to show what our room looks like without it on.   And, in case you wonder what those flecks on the floor are, it's glitter.  Totally Shauna's idea.  It makes me nervous to sit on the floor, as I'm afraid of getting a glittered rump.  She also tossed them on her bed, on my bed, on the desk, on my Mad Hatter hat (On the desk, as you can sorta see it..) and anywhere else where they would stick.
I like glitter, but...this might be overkill.
and, it's my photography glitter...that I bought...
Behind the bunkbed headboards (Mine is the bottom) is a small 'hideaway' with three corner shelves.  I tend to sit there, and since you can't see me when you come in, I've scared Shauna countless times. XD
Pearl (the snake...she is Shauna's) has her glass cage back there too, on a nightstand.
And the walls, are pink. Light light pink.  My brother, Zeb, who happens to be severely colour blind, insists it is white.
But, never take a colour blind fellow's input on color as real.
It's pink.

 In case you wanted an up close shot of the desk, and the glitter. XD
The mug, my Dad bought that for me when he went Down South one week.  Since my name is the most common of all my siblings, I have the most name branded merchandise of us all.  Leather Keychain, mug, Name plate, etc etc.    And the China doll was given to me by my Paternal Great Grandmother who has passed on now.  I named her Celia, as I also used to have blond headed one (not from my Granny) who I named Mandie.  Mandie book References, anybody? I loved those books when I was younger.  And now, my little sister, Kyla, loves them.
And, in case you wanted to see the corner.....
 the afore mentioned corner shelf.  The top shelf, is both of ours, the middle one is mine, where I store all my 'pretties' (Masquerade mask, Vanilla Fields Perfume, pocket watch, Hand mirror, Starbucks recyclable cup, lipstick, etc etc), and the bottom is Shauna's, though, I often keep my phone on it when it's charging.  Like, in the picture.
More glitter....you can see. 

 And, looking into the corner, is my darling Durry Quill.   He is my hedgehog, until I can get a real life one. I like to pretend he is really a Velveteen Hedgie... And, kudos who pick up on where his name comes from.....
And, this banner is on the right side wall (If you are standing in the doorway).  You can see a glimpse of it in the last picture of Durry, but here it is in all it's glory.   It adds a nice tough to an otherwise bare wall.

 And right next to the door (the door is directly on the left of this. I just didn't include it in the frame) is my bookshelf.  While I would have enjoyed showing you pictures of the full thing, it is in a bit of disarray, and isn't worth seeing currently. So, you can look upon the top of it. ^_^  Here, are my old cameras I recieved from my Great Grandpa (also Paternal) when he passed.  The Polaroids actually still have film in them, but I'm saving the precious stuff for something special.
Also, I don't know how to work the cameras, and so...can't. XD
And Between the two Polaroids is a Brownie Movie Camera, which is in PRIME condition, and I'd love to use someday.  It's almost stunning how perfect it is.
And my jewelry box and cupcake scentsy (Which currently has a Cinnamon Roll scent in it...).
The jewelry box originally looked like a grandfather clock, but it was hideous blue and yellow, so I cut an old map up and put it in the frame, cute and quick do it yourself improvements!

So, thats my humble room abode. 
It's often not all that clean.
And my siblings say my scentsy doesn't smell like Cinnamon roll at all, but dirty diaper.
And I really don't make my bed all that often...
And, My books are often not as neat as I'd like them to be.
And I have to find a way to get all the glitter off my furniture....

Cheerio me ol Cream Puffs,
The One Who is Upside Down,

That last bit, the upside down bit? It's inspired by this song, which I think will be my new theme song, ok?


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal