Of Petrichor and Of Waldeinsamkeit

Waldeinsamkeit: Forest Solitude; the feeling of being alone in the forest.

Petrichor: The smell of rain on dry earth.
As of late, or, as of these last two or three days, the weather has been amazing, an altogether brumous sort. All rain, and there was actually fog this morning. Real to life fog. Fog people. Fog.
I had a rather sad winter, I only got to wear my leather jackets once, and that grieved me greatly. I somehow manage to struggle through summer in order to wear these long, almost matrix like, jackets. And I only got to put them on once.
But, it seems Mother Nature is speaking her condolences with this delightfully gloomy and rainy weather, which I'm site everyone else is hating, but I'm loving.
If I can't be cold, than do allow me to be cloaked in fog.

Anyway, today, there was a break in the drizzle for about 3 hours, and I took that time to go out for a breath of Petrichor.

Now, I never go outdoors, I'm very much an indoors batty. But, it was my favorite weather, so I supposed I could muster the courage to get my Vampirical self outside.

And it was wonderful.

It was so green, that I felt like Ariel gaping at this whole new world (wait, that's Jasmine...) above the sea. There was just so much green from the freshly washed foliage, as well as the bright spring growth. And then the smell, it smelled green. It was so strong, I could nearly taste the green.

I dashed inside, and grabbed my camera, and headed to the small woods behind our house where I snapped away, and got the hems of my jeans all wet, but didn't care because I was taking pictures.

I suppose it really wasn't Petrichor, as the ground was wet, not dry, but I plead to be allowed to use it on this occasion.

But oh all the look of green, and the taste of green, and the smell of green! It was amazing!
I can't stress enough how lovely it was, but then, it began to drizzle again, and as I fear for my camera's safety in wet weather, I took it inside, and proceeded to play angry birds for the rest of the day, while soaking my feet in warm water.
But I didn't do that last activity all day, just for the last half hour.

So, indeed, I think the great outdoors is a lovely place to visit, espcecially when the brumous weather gives the air the smell of petrichor, and it all around feels like Waldeinsamkeit.

But I do believe visit is the key word, no?

Now, go soak your feet in warm salt water, I promise it will make you feel better.
Cheerio me ol' cream cracker,
The Indoorist.
(that does sound like a political party..)

pe. ess
Note to all thieves and rogues:  
I did not watermark my photography, mainly, because it's late and I'm a lazy ol fool.  But, hear hear, I did downsize them, so, if you try to print them, I fear you will fail. 500x500 doesn't print very well.  And, may you know in your hearts of hearts, if you steal,  you have stolen, and that is a bad thing.
disnhonour on you, and dishonour on your cow.
And to the rest of you, my, don't you look smashing today! Please, enjoy a nice cuppa with your foot soak.

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  1. Oh, just beautiful!!
    I love that word, Petrichor...


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- Blaise Pascal