In which there is too much

Inigo Montoya: Let me 'splain.
Inigo Montoya: No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marry' Humperdinck in a little less than half an hour. So all we have to do is get in, break up the wedding, steal the princess, make our escape... after I kill Count Rugen. 

I've been as bad as can be when it comes to posting, aren't I? or...haven't I? sorry, wrong phrasing. Aren't isn't right, haven't is. 
back to my point, eh hem. 
It hasn't been that I've had nothing to post, as I've had plenty, nor is it lack of time, as I've had plenty of that too.  I just...haven't.  
And so now, I sit down to make a post.
Now, when I'm about to leave for a photoshoot, and really should be packing my equipment, I sit my rear in a chair and begin a blog post which will include so very many things. 

I really need to get better at blogging daily....

So, there is really too very much to explain in any way other than in list form, and I simply love lists, so pleasing to my ocd, and so crisp, and organized, and perfect, and...yeah. you get the point. I have an obsession with lists  

Photoshoot with Katy 
 So, my photography business (I really wouldn't call it a business quite yet...) has really been taking off, and it started with this lovely lady: 
She was such an amazing, and stellar, and beautiful person to...shoot. Not with a gun, good gracious, what do you take me for?  But with a camera. duh. ;)
Her pictures turned out so well, and it was quite a lot of fun getting to know her a little better, and, did I mention she is beautiful?

 Meeting Mirriam
Where do I even start?  That Mirriam (From Thoughts of a Shield Maiden) is amazing beyond all amazings? That she is so beautiful? That she is even more fun in person than over the WWW? That she is just fantastic?  
She is a very Sugarcalafragiclistic soul.
 We finally, finally, finally got to meet after knowing each other over the web for...a year? wow, only a year? O_O I'm pretty sure we've known each other all our lives, just didn't know it yet. 
We met at Books a Million, and spent two hours just talking about literally everything.  And, we could still have kept talking for days, in fact, we did. Only, it was over facebook. Finally, we are just beginning to not spend ridiculous amounts of hours chatting away.  
But, just look at her, will you? 
I know such pretty people. 
Volunteer Work
I've began volunteering at a local Woman's Pregnancy center that helps girls and woman who decide to not go through with an abortions. It offers monetary, spiritual, and mothering care, and is doing such an impact on our society.   
Technically, I can't start officially volunteering with the woman that come in until I'm 18, so I've been cleaning the facility once a week (Saturdays) for them.  It's nice to be able to do something for a nonprofit orginization that has the same views as I do, and while cleaning may not be much, it's something. 

Photoshoot with Joanna:
 And another photoshoot! 
This girl, srsly, I adore her too. 
We had so much fun during her photoshoot, even if we were battling with the rain for most of the shots, and I had to continually clean all the sky water off of my lens, and both of our pants got wet, and it was freezing, it was fun.  And her pictures turned out SO VERY WELL. Rain might be annoying, but I remain firm on my favorite days for photography are the overcast ones.    

The Fault in Our Stars
As you probably noted in my last post, I read John Green's 'A Fault In Our Stars'. I'm still trying to decide why I even ventured to read that book, and what drew me to it, aside from the fact that my Tea Spitters group spoke of it highly and lowly.  But, the moment I saw it at Books A Million (strategically placed near the front door....I saw it, and made a beeline, and refused to put it down for anything to do anything) I knew it would be coming home with me.
what I didn't know, was the sheer amount of pain I was bringing home with me.
I think, from here on, only GIFS can express what my heart did:
There was so much pain, I literally, truthfully cried, and pulled at my hair, and buried my face in a pillow and shook my fist at John Green.
I also hated him for two days, but I couldn't stay hating him.  Who can hate such a genius? Even if he is the Moffat of the Book world...
This book didn't just hurt my feels, it almost hurt physically....in a, nonphysical sort of pain....O_o Fangirls will understand.
This was me for...oh, I dunno...two hours. But, as I couldn't stay like that all day (or I would've)...
This was me for the rest of those 48 hours, or rather, the 48 hours I couldn't sleep.  But inside, I was going:
So, thats the story of a girl who will never be the same anymore because of a little book with such a cheery blue cover. 
It's deceptive. 
It isn't cheerful at all.
And, Do I recommend TFioS? 
Well, that answer will be a little harder to pin down.  As much as I loved, loved, LOVED LOVED, The Fault in our Stars, (again, only fangirls will understand the hatred you can have for something you adore) it did have a scene that was a little...eh. Thankfully, Mr. Moffat Green did it as tastefully as such a scene can be done, but I was still biting my tongue during it and having conflicted feelings for such a scene.  I'd much have preferred if Augustus and Hazel could've shown each other how much they loved each other without having intimacy.  But, this isn't an actual review, I'll get to that some other day. ;)

And writing! I wish I could say I've been writing lots of brilliant things, but it's more like I've been writing small amounts of "wut" things...and I really need to get a step on the writing ball, as, if my count is correct, I am now writing 7 novels, and have finished none.  
Sure, writing isn't all about finishing, but it sure would be nice to actually have a finished manuscript for once....

So, once it all comes down to it, I do suppose there hasn't been a total amount of busy in my life...but, more like laziness. :P 
However, I shall get netter at blogging, I must, as my five year blogging anniversary is approaching, and eeeek! what shall I do for it? 
I've only got 63 days to think up something smart and witty, and fun, or otherwise, Cheerio's Fifth birthday will go by like:
  and that is just will be it.

So, I suppose this is where I go,
Cheerio me ol' Cream Puffs!


  1. The Fault In Our Stars gave me pain for weeks. Pain, pain, pain.


    1. I'm still in pain. I must refrain from crying each time I see it on my shelf. And just seeing John Green's face brings up fist shaking emotion.


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