oh to be a dandelion

I've been longing for,
 Daisies  to push through the floor, 
And I wish that plant life would grow all around me.
-Owl City 'Plant Life'-

i find it funny that i prefer taking pictures of weeds, and dead sticks, and half gone dandelions this summer than actual flowers, or birds, or sunshine through the clouds.  

i suppose even dead things and ugly things need to be photographed.

unless the dead things are human, because that was a disgusting trend in the 1800s, and i have no desire to see that repeated.  
lets just stick with dead twigs and plants, eh?

cheerio me ol' cream puffs,
dandelions are my favorite flowers,

p.s i'm reading barrie's peter pan. be prepared for many quotes from that book. it's a work of art. it really is. 

p.s.s the title comes from nothing, but now i'n inspired to write a poem about how splendid it would be to be a dandelion. 
except, it's not that splendid at all. you live for just a season, and then you lose all your hair, as it flies off to make clones of you, and then you die. 
and people always tend to hate you, and kill you before your time which is a pity. 
perhaps I won't write what a joy it would be to be a dandelion. 

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