suddenly beautiful

 as members of the female race, i think every single one of us have days when we look into the mirror and think, "well that's a unfortunate face".
and this is not a post to speak about loving yourself,  or finding the beautiful in your own form.

because everyone writes those.

today was one of those days, i dressed up extra fancy for church because i didn't feel particularly pretty.
i don't dress for the crowd, but for myself.
and when myself is still going, 'eh', its hard to like myself very much.

but at church, someone made a comment, about my hair, and how it looks nice being grown out.

and thats all it took.

this isn't a post about loving yourself, but loving others, because sometimes just telling them that they have pretty eyes, or their outfit looks beautiful, or their hair looks really nice, or anything, can turn their day around so very much.
it never hurts to be the mirror mirror on the wall that tells them that they are fair in every way they should be. 


p.s eep! help! my posts are getting shorter and shorter!!
p.s.s i do not advise unfounded flattery.

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  1. Great post! Heartfelt, nice comments are always good to give (and receive!).


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal