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This month, I have been claimed by a particular book series,  The Eyes of E'veria by Serena Chase.  As demonstrated clearly in my review, I was held rapt and awed from electronic cover to electronic cover.  I read half of The Ryn during our short, two day camping trip, opting to sit alone most of the time than to make the effort at socialization.   
So, the moment I had finished the last to be read on The Remedy, I plopped myself down at the computer, and sent an email to Ms. Chase, asking, would she mind an interview? 
Granted, I had never done one before, granted I had no idea how to interview someone, granted I was being rosy eyed with my love for these books and,perhaps, I was “too fond of books" and it had turned my brain. 
After about an day or so, I was beginning to clear from my dizzy love, and begin the onslaught of "what have I perceived to do" panic, only to find, that Ms. Chase had agreed. 
If I thought I was panicked before...
But, really, she is an incredibly sweet lady, and talking with her quite eased my worries.  

So, without further ado, ladies and (are there any Gentlemen readers out there? hellooo? I do not hear from you. *taps glass* are you in there?) hypothetical gentlemen, I give you, Ms. Chase!    


What was the original inspiration, the original, "ah ha! I must write this" for The Eyes of E'veria?
I was reading Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine because my daughter wanted to read it and, since it had been a while since I had read it, I wanted to make sure it was age-appropriate. When I was finished, I thought: "I wonder if I could retell a fairytale?" But I didn't want to do a well-known one, so I chose one that was lesser-known, but had been one of my childhood favorites, Snow White & Rose Red and, voila!, a mere seven years later--hahaha--we had The Ryn and The Remedy.
To be honest, I've never even read Snow White and Rose Red, but I honestly think that will quite likely change in the near (say, a weekish?) future. 

Rynnaia's name is special, since it's a combination of her position, as a name addict (what writer isn't?) I found that really interesting, does the names of any of the characters hold any special meaning? 
They're all special! (of course!) But there are some that are more "inspired" than others, you might say. Because Veetri is the land of the Storytellers, the three brothers de Whittier are named after three of my all time favorite storytellers: Kinley (Robin McKinley) Lewys (C.S. Lewis) and Rowlen (J.K. Rowling).
I would have never guessed! and yet, its so obvious now. (Also, I might possibly be having a little excitment spazz, because Robin McKinley. ♥ I love her, since she was also the author that held my hand into the fantasy genre, and when I hear her name, I fangirl a bit)

Do you listen to music while writing? 
Obsessively! I listen mostly to instrumental movie soundtracks. As I'm writing book 3, I have a mix including soundtracks from Master & Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Eragon, King Arthur, etc.

if yes, what song was often found playing during the writing of Eyes of E'veria?
... BUT... strangely enough, while I was writing the first two books, I listened (again, rather obsessively) to Chris Tomlin's album, ARRIVING (not an instrumental!)

You've published two books, do you have any advice for those of us who still hold that as a future dream? 
Work hard, seek professional advice and editing, and never give up the study of your craft! I thought the first draft of The Ryn was awesome, best-seller material. (It wasn't.) It took me 7 years to get it ready for publication, mainly because I waited too long to consult professional editors. Save yourself some time: admit there is always room for improvement, and seek professional assistance to make your book SHINE!

And here is a big, huge huge huge question, alright? it's huge. it's very important.
Tea, or coffee?  COFFEE!!!!! (Yes, very important!)

Do you write easier where there is a pleasant background chatter of people (example, a cafe, or mall's cafeteria) or alone, secluded from all other humans like Gollum? (I know. I could've used a more attractive example....)
I'm a Gollum. And since I sometimes forget to shower until about noon, I may actually look a bit like him, too, while I'm secluded in my writing cave! But seriously, the only sound I want to hear is my music and my clickety-clacking fingers on the keys. That's why summer writing is so difficult. Everyone is home (my husband even, sometimes, since he is a public school administrator and gets a few weeks off in the summer!) and there is always noise and interruptions. I love having the relaxed pace of summer and having my family at home with me,  but the author in me (who is starting to get a bit anxious about her October 1st deadline!) is sort of looking forward to school starting up again!

 What are you working on now? 
I am working on books 3 and 4 of the Eyes of E'veria series (as of yet untitled!) which will spotlight minor characters from the first two books (Cazien and Erielle) in leading roles. The first two books (The Ryn and The Remedy) were a re-imagining of the Grimm fairy tale, Snow White & Rose Red. Books 3 and 4 will be an entirely upended retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Did I just let that slip? Heehee! This may be the first "official" place I've let that little nugget out!  I am really excited about this story and I guarantee you have never imagined The Twelve Dancing Princesses to be retold in this way! If I stay on track, book 3 will release late spring or summer 2014 and book 4 will release late fall 2014.
Can I say, I'm EXTREMELY relieved to hear that Cazien and Erielle are getting their own stories? I'm looking forward to them. :)

how much chocolate was used in the making of these books? 
I consumed immeasurable amounts of chocolate while writing--and there is no foreseeable end to the masacre. Like I said, it took 7 years to get these first two books out the door and, being that I'm a chocoholic... wow. That's a lot of chocolate!

One last fun question: if you could bring one of your characters from The Eyes of E'veria to our world and spend a day with them, who would you choose?
Cazien. HA! Okay, that was my first, gut-level reaction. I do love that pirate!  But on second thought, perhaps I would choose Rowlen de Whittier. With his Storyteller's Gift, he could make it seem like ALL the characters were right here with me!

 I know, I supposedly said that question above was the last, but I'm going to ask but one more, where can others find you, and your books?
Currently, my books are only available at Amazon for Kindle and Kindle apps--but readers should watch my Facebook page and my website this fall for some announcements pertaining to the expansion of availability!
Readers can find me here: 
Twitter: @Serena_Chase

it was so so very much fun, having Ms. Chase on here, and she was such a sweet person to converse with!
by all means, I urge you, verily verily, to read The Ryn and The Remedy, as not only are they well written, beautiful and captivating, they have also become favorites, but I think I've already said that.  :)


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  1. Thanks so much for this interview opportunity! I'm so honored to have been your first ever interview!!! *hugs*

    I love that you are so enthusiastic about the Eyes of E'veria series--it's always cool to find people that love the people in my head!

    OH! and I have to admit... I get a little "fan girl crazy" about Robin McKinley, too! :)

    Thanks for having me, Ashley!


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