Dear August::The Beginning

Dear August: 
Long time no seen, hmm? 
So far, you've started off well, fair temperatures and rainy days, both my favorites. 
To be truthfully blunt, you aren't exactly my favorite month, you've never really been. Neither are you my absolute least favorite. And it's nothing personal, so don't get your feelings up in knots.  
It's just that you are the last month of summer, and while in summer practically lasts until November for us lower southern states, just the fact that Fall will be here in name makes me excited.  
To me, You are like the last piece of broccoli on a child's plate (merely an example as I adore veggies). 
You are pushed around, and wished to not exist. I just want you to hurry up and leave, so that Fall can arrive. but also, I am glad you are here. you are the last song that summer has to sing. 
And like the last piece of broccoli, thanks to you, I can see the end. 
But enough comparing you to Broccoli. 
You bear three of my family members birthdays, and when I think of your name, it's what I think. 
(not Broccoli. so calm down). 
Also, while writing your name, my breath caught in my throat in a ragged, stifled cry because just add a U and an S, and you say Augustus and that hurts deep. 
That name. 
That name
But here is my letter to you, let's try and get along and enjoy each others company since I've only seen you 17 times in my life (wow. that actually makes me feel really young) and it would be a true pity if you and I squabbled the whole 30 days you lasted this year. 
Things that last only 30 days shouldn't be squabbled with anyway; multiple reasons there. 
Enjoy your time here August, but also don't linger because I'd like my Fall as soon as possible. 


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