as of late

 eating cheerios and laughing because i have a blog named cheery-o.
pressing my nose against the paper i write on to smell the ink because its such a beautiful smell.
wishing there was a perfume i could wear that smelled of pen ink.
being in a soft place where the smallest thing can prompt tears.
hoarding my last pieces or caramel chocolate.
buying star trek pez candies and refusing to share, even though i really don't like pez candy.
 planning maternity a photo shoot.
talking on the phone with the world's best person.
making, and laughing, over my own typos. 
getting new novel ideas that take my heart like a wildfire. 
planning deaths of fictional people whom i love.
painting my fingernails with sparkles.
being sick, and getting better. 
reading the help, and both laughing and crying at times. 
wishing i knew the help's main ladies in real life. 
except hilly. 
just wishing for things out of reach.
like a plane ticket to the world. 
baking a cake twice because i ruined it the first time. 
missing people i've never met. 
beach going. 
fall yearning. 
realizing i'm growing up, and feeling the emotions rise in my throat because that is frightening.
waiting for peter pan yet. 
i'll never stop waiting on him. 
debating on cutting my hair, or growing it out longer.
realizing that once i get my driver's license, i can go to the library whenever i want. 
craving chocolate ice cream.
kitten cuddling.
sitting under the stars and talking to the greatest being in the universe
and realizing how beautiful he is. 
and crying.

and as of late, that is my life.



  1. cheerios are the best cereal under the sun, in my opinion. Closely followed by Rice Crispies. :)

    1. personally, I have a special fondness for any chocolate cereal. chocolate is my number one weakness. as long as it had cocoa bean in its production, I'm good.

    2. mmmm...chocolate is very delicious. But I'm not fond of it as a cereal. Maybe that has something to do with a semi-traumatic experience with Cocoa Puffs as a child... ;) But anything else that's chocolate... well, I'm all over that. :)

    3. I'm frightened to even ask about that traumatic event because I like Cocoa Puffs so muchly.

      but I'm curious still. XD

  2. Replies
    1. that smattering of brain waves?

      you're beautiful.

  3. When you get your driver's license you can go to the library whenever you want! I experienced this! When I first got mine, I went to the library two or three times a week! And then my parents realized that the gas tank on the van was getting empty quite often and so now I only go once a week.

    1. that sounds so....lovely.

      I wonder how the librarians would take to me bringing a sleeping bag and just camping out...

  4. I like this! :) The library is about the only place I drive to, haha.

    1. aside from the movie theaters (my brothers have made me officially promise to being them to see Thor: The Dark World...) I have no other place I really want to go. XD


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal