pink lemonade tea and hamlet

 Today, a group of our friends gathered at the local park to play soccer.  It wasn't their fault that it rained about an hour before we left, and therefore was a mini sauna outside due to humidity. 
But it was still hot.
My original plans were to just stay home and be a hermit, but I was sworn in as my brother's driver (since, I have my driver's license now. did I say?) and so I gathered up two of my books from my pile (Hamlet and The Beekeeper's Apprentice) and shuffled on out to the park, where I spent the first half laying in the shade on a picnic bench and reading.   I was still hot. but, at least I didn't appear to be, as afterwards, one of my brother's friends came up and said, "While we are out here sweating and looking gross, you are over here, laying down, reading and looking very comfortable"
well thank you.
I did have to leave halfway through to get Gatorade for some red faced brothers who informed me that they would be thirsty, extremely so, afterwards.  And that was a whole adventure. Driving to our locally owned gas station and trying to use my brother's debt card.  And feeling so stupid each time it was rejected. And having the urge to say, "It's not my card, actually", unless they begin to think that this dinged up, scratched debt card was actually your dinged up, scratched debt card (I keep mine beautifully flawless. OCD. ya know).
But then, I realized, saying, "It's not my card, actually" only sounded a whole lot worse. Naturally, I realized that after saying it.
So, in the end, I ended up paying for it, and decided, while I was using my own money, might as well get me something to drink too. And so I bought a Peace Tea company Pink Lemonade Tea to try.
And fell in love.
Hello new favorite.
Peace Tea.
I love you.
Even though my brothers now insist I'm on the road to being a hippie for drinking something with a peace sign and bright colors on it.
It's seriously the best though.
I got back, and they were pretty much finished playing, and therefore, didn't get in as much reading as I'd like to have done. 
But I chatted awhile with my friend Kayla, and that was loverly. I really enjoy talking to her. 
And then, we had to leave.

But, I have a ponponderance, what is the 'pink' that makes Pink lemonade? Is it strawberry? Because Pink Lemonade has a fruity, sweeter, pinkish taste to it, and it has to be more than simply dye coloring.

Anyway, after dinner, I started on Hamlet (since I'd only read The Beekeeper's Apprentice while at the park).  It's the sort that I felt needed to be read aloud, so while my brother washed dishes, I perched on a bar stool, and read it aloud to him.
Is Hamlet supposed to be funny? Because I found the first five pages absolutely hilarious.
Seriously, if you are trying to talk to a ghost, maybe you should actually shut up and give it room to talk.
just my thoughts.
(Horatio, looking at you. shut.up. Ok? The ghost probably walked away because you wouldn't shut the trap).
And then Bernardo, Marcellus and Horatio's whole:

Ber: T'is here!
Hor: T'is here!
 Mar: T'is gone. 

had me laughing. 

was that even supposed to be funny?

Ah, but yes. that was my day. Pink lemonade tea and hamlet.


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