i used to be really good about flashing through books.  It was rare that I had a book in my possession that I hadn't read at least twice.  But with age, (and distraction...since I really haven't become any busier, per say) I no longer have difficulty keeping myself stocked with books. 
In fact, its grossly the opposite. 
Right now, sitting on my desk, I have not one, not two, not three, not even six unread books, but a whole, wopping twelve. 
Twelve guys. 
I don't think I've ever had this many books sitting around, unread, before. 
(and thats not counting the Created To Be His Helpmeet my mom bought me to read. I'm kinda purposefully not reading that one because I don't even want to think about getting married. I meet a guy I like, and I'll pick it up. Wrong philosophy, I know).
I really need to finished some of these, since I've started them all, I just haven't actually finished them.

On my bookshelf (eh...desk...) is: 

Son of a Witch: 
I ordered this one right after I ordered Wicked, and while I was in the height of my Wicked craze.  But I didn't realize quite how..*cough cough* the books were.  And, I might have lost most of my interest in the series after Fiyero died.
And then after Elphaba died.
And I just wasn't all that interested in a book about Lir.
Son of a Witch (don't you laugh. don't you dare. I know you are thinking it), from where I got, is good, and delves deeper into the Oz culture, but it just....
it doesn't have Elphie or Fiyero.

The Princess Academy:
I'm on like....chapter 5.  It's the sort of book, if I just spent an hour or two devoted to it, I could whisk through it like nothing.
I just.....haven't.

I have an unfortunate malady known as "ooh-Classic-Novel-Find-At-The-Thrift-Store-I-Don't-Even-Need-Another-Book-But-It's-Only-$.99-I'll-Get-It". I don't even particularly fancy Robert Louis Stevenson's novels. But it was a classic. and therefore, had to have it.
A Series of Unfortunate Events (The Austere Acadamy #5): 
I love these books, so why has it taken me so very long to read through them? I actually have all the SoUEs in my reading pile, but I'm only counting The Austere Acadamy, since it's the only one I'm actually reading at the current moment.
And someone needs to shoot Count Olaf.

Red Rock:
I don't even know what this one is about. Mama picked it up at a thrift store, and presented it to me to read and make sure it was okay for younger readers (thats my job since normally I can read a book in a day).  It's one of those ex-library books that are very much aged, and have paper all brown, and normally speak of either a great hidden find, or an utterly boring read.
I need to read it and find out.
War and Peace: 
After months and months of yearning for this book, I received it as a present, and my dad dared me to read it in a week. No doubt I could. And I insist the week hasn't started yet, since I haven't actually started it yet. I kinda just peeped at the insides, and set it on the shelf to read at a later date when I could dedicate myself to it.
It seemed like a piece of brilliance.
and each time I see it, I have a bit of shame for not reading it.

A Most Peculiar Circumstance:
Time and time again, I insist I am not a reader of the romance genre. So why in all the bloody beets do I try and try to get into it? Is it because I feel ashamed of not being a normal girl who can swoon over the too perfect, too handsome, too stereotypical heroes? (they are seriously all.the.same)
Time and time again, I get a new romance novel hoping that maybe this will be the one that commits me into the genre.
and each time, I end up yawning and feeling like I'm eating sweet air.
And can we please have a romance novel where the guy isn't....
(and the girl isn't a fierce, independent,but naive, punketta?)

At the Back of the North Wind:
A long, long, long time ago, when I was too young to be interested in those silly classic books, we owned this one. But, something happened to it, and once I became enthralled, obsessed even, with the great classical novels,and I never got to read it.
So when I found this hard back edition at the same thrift store as I found Kidnapped, I snapped it up and bought it in a heart beat.

The Canary List:
this isn't even a horror novel.
and it scares me.
Full of catholic church consperecy, and its just a slow going read because i get creeped out by all the spiritualistic stuff.
I'm discovering I just don't do well with that sort of stuff. The movie 10,000 creeped me out so so much.

The Beekeepers Apprentice:
It's a Sherlock Holmes novel. Come on, Ashley. you've had this book on your wish list for months, and did a happy dance jig in Books-A-Million when you found it. Why has it been three months?
It's really a genius book, and I think the real reason I haven't finished it, is because I'm afraid of it ending it.
Even though there is a sequel. 
Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister:
Despite the fact that Wicked was *coughcough* and SoaW hasn't seemed all that much better, Gregory Maguire is one of my favorite authors. He has such a very interesting, gritty writing style, and writes girl characters so accurately. And, when it comes to rewriting old and familiar tales, he is the ace of aces.
This particular Cinderella retelling is so very...wow.
I need to finish it. I really do.
The Help: 
I'm almost almost almost done with this one.  It's seriously made it's way to my favorites list, and deserves it 100%. I really want to watch the movie now, because this novel is so beautiful and perfect. And I love almost everyone in it (aside from Hilly. ick). I spent a couple of days just devouring this book, reading it when I ate meals, and staying up as late as I could, until I fell asleep.
 and I just...this book. It deserves all the fame.

And, so, this is my newest quest, lower this list of Currently Reading.

it's hard to believe, but I also want to go to the library.
why Ashley.
you have books to read.
twelve of them, to be exact.


  1. HA! That's nothing.

    My pile's got twenty books in it. And still growing.

    And go, Princess Academy! You'll love it.

    1. well, see, I start feeling guilt if I have even 4 books piled up. so 12 is giving me guilt overloads. XD

  2. Ah, yes, the feeling of unread books. I know how that feels. I've got about four or five on hold right now, mostly because school books take up all of my reading time. Of course, once I have time to just read for fun, I read something I've already read a million times (Percy Jackson... I have read those books about 10 times each).

    "Back of the North Wind" is really good!

  3. Yes... I found classics at a garage sale, and thus have my first pile of unread books. I've got at least six... I really don't know how many others there might be.

    The only book in that list that I've read is At the Back of the North Wind (though I really want to read War and Peace). I always thought that it was really sad, though I'm not sure quite why.

  4. The Princess Academy is actually very good! The most exciting parts are at the end! My mother read it aloud to all of us girls, so it's kind of special to me. :)

  5. Yes, oh yes. Same here. Glad I'm not the only one!!


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