"how soon until its break time?"

this is literally my creed/motto for this NaNo.

dont get me wrong, I'm loving writing TAOJ, but I'm still having to go on a very strict reward system.  Every so many words, I can watch a tv episode. Every so many words I can listen to music that isn't in my novel's playlist.  And trust me, that last one is the one I look forward the most.  My novel has a beautiful playlist, but listen to anything long enough and you'd want to throw it out the window.

So yes. I may need to stop taking so many breaks, since I'm rewarding myself probably far too many times (like how 'write a thousand words and you can watch a ouat episode' turned into 'write a thousand words and you can watch three ouat episodes' and it kinda ate up an afternoon. what can i say. there were cliffhangers) and I'm falling behind on my word count which isn't a good thing. Mind you, its not too bad. its only like...4K behind....wait...when I say it like that...

maybe I shouldn't be writing this blog post...I think I'm just trying to procrastinate. 

Ok darlings, have some snippets while I go and attempt to not not write.

"January was born on a December night, five days before christmas, and as pale as the stars above.  She’d blinked her eyes, and never once cried, even though the midwife said she needed to.
She was the child that tucked herself into corners, or fell asleep nestled among the antiques in the attic.  Any ordinary house might have forgotten a second child was a  dweller under its roof, but not this house.
The house always knew exactly where she was, and made sure her steps never made creaks, and you could say that January was the child that the house loved."

"Happiness wasn’t something that was ever complete itself, was it?"

"Channer turned, and found Rio grinning at him with a frightening intensity over the edge of his coffee cup.  “what the heck?” Channer laughed, and Rio shrugged, the smile not dissipating. “Nothing, nothing at all except Holly Richards just tried to ask you to ask her out” 

“Can I plant thistles in the yard?”
“No,” Channer glanced over his shoulder at the kitchen, was she cooking something still? “if we had thistles in the yard, it would make going out to the mailbox a pain” 


  1. I love that first snippet so much. Your style is so beeauuuuuutiful.

  2. Oooh. Your story sounds wonderful. Keep up the great work! I will be your selfish cheerleader because I want to hear more : )

  3. That first snippet is my favorite! Great writing!

    I just found your blog, and can't wait to read more! It sounds like we have a lot in common!



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- Blaise Pascal