why i quit nanowrimo for this year

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him, the stars.”
Victor Hugo

 if you know me any way at all online (or maybe not) you probably knew how pumped i was for nano this year.  however, at some point within my novel, I realized a fact that had not been something I had expected. 
january jenkins and her story does not like to be rushed, nor crammed into a 30 day speed write. 
it was a kinda hard decision to make, to take the arrival of january at a slower pace than i had wanted, but overall...i think it best fits the style i'm trying for in this novel. 

thats not to say that i am anywhere near finished with this novel. i have had this idea in my head for a year (or perhaps a bit more) now,  and january is very dear to me, as are the others. its not fair to only harp on jan when channer, ayla, and rio are just as splendid.  this is one of my only novels actually set in my corner of the united states, its a poem in my heart, and january is a part of me that i dont show to people at all.  
so never fear, ye who have encouraged me this november! 
january has an arrival still to happen,
and i still need to see this novel completed just as badly as my beta team do 
(mainly: lisa needs to see it completed. poor girl)

so, that is why i did not finish nanowrimo. 
i swear, it was, by no means, because i got lazy and then decided to just give up.
(ok, so maybe it helped my decision come along that i had already slacked so terribly, but..i didnt say it, ok?)
as i think my dear girl would say, 
"januarys cannot possible fit into such a short time and be expected to bloom"

it makes no sense, but january jenkins says it does.


  1. yes I need this novel to be completed so I can read it in all it's adorability.

  2. Your story still sounds wonderful based on the snippets you shared. As long as you keep writing, I'm happy!

  3. Can I just say that I love your new profile picture? And also, how dare you have elf eyes.

    1. elf eyes? XD

      and thank you!! getting pictures of me is quite the trial, since I'm always behind the lens, not before them.

  4. Aw, but good on you for listening to your book instead of just going with the rush. I think it's totally important to enjoy the actual journey of writing, isn't it?! And there are always other NaNos. :))) I love that name though....January Jenkins.


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- Blaise Pascal