Just'a post

no pictures this time, sorry.

Yesterday We headed to my grandparents house because My great aunt Ruby was visiting, I took lots of pictures, which I will post later, some are REALLY nice!! but We had a good time, We tried to convince Nana (Grandmother) to get a laptop by showing her my blog, Maybe We moved forward a little....... :-).

We went to Pizza hut tonight and got Chocolate dunkers for a dessert treat! YUM YUM!!
but I was STUFFED when We left!! can you imagine that We had a whole bunch of Dunkers left over when We left?? But don't worry, We got a to go box, that's OK, sweet treats for later!!

OK.....what else, IS there anything else??? ho hum......thinking......hmm........

Well, This weekend We are going camping at the pioneer settlement, that will be fun.

I think I've got my picture almost picked for the Photo contest, but I am still not sure quite yet.

Mama finally got My cherry skirt finished, but it was somehow to long, so she still has to take it up 2 inches.

Right now Daddy is Marenating a bosten butt, Mama is on the desk top computer, Evan and Zeb are playing 4 in a row, shauna and Kyla are watching them play, Benna is talking to Mama saying "no" when Mama asked if Benna was her baby, Annaruth is washing her hands and I am on the Laptop ;-).

Tell Me, What signature looks like Me??
1. ~`Ashley`~
5. #^Ashley^#
7. =Ashley=
8. >Ashley<
9. :Ashley:

Well, there is a 'put-together' post for Ya!


  1. Thank you for the update!!
    I think I like your signature like this: >Ashley<, and like this best: *Ashley* :-), but they are all nice!

    So... are you gonna show us the photo for the contest?!


  2. which one looks like you??? hmmm...I don't know....I would probably think of you with #1...:)

  3. Oh...is there a certain kind of picture you have to enter, or can it be of anything??

  4. Hannah, Yes, you can enter WHATEVER you want!
    (Like a really good picture of Logan ;-), I mean REALLY good though!!).

    And as for My signature....the winner is....



Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal