RooRoo, Shauna and Kyla

Here are some really cute Pictures that I took today,

I told them to look at each other, since they wouldn't hug, ;-)
Shauna is looking at a picture that she took on the little girl's camera, she never knew that I took it!
Now, I just love this picture!! is it not so cute??
this one is cute too, she can be such a good pose, when she wants ,
this one was taken yesterday, it was quiet sunny so it made their faces shadowy, also it was rather hot, so none of them wanted to give Me a real smile, but this one was fine enough for Me!

I took all these on My tripod ( which I am loving!), it is so nice to have one!


  1. Awww... I Love that close-up one of Kyla and AnnaRuth holding hands,
    so cute! :-). And I like the one of all three of them!!

    Great photography work! :-)


  2. those are really good pictures!


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