....for some reason blogger will not let me upload pictures!!
very frustrating!
Oh well..guess you guys will have to wait to see my neat photography!


  1. Yes, that is very frustrating!!
    Is your background different? Our computer won't show the whole background on any blog, but I think your background is the same as Mama's!! :-)

    P.S. have you read the post on my blog titled "We're back!"?? If so you didn't comment on it.... :-( and that makes me sad! :-( (LOL!)

  2. yeah...I changed it to the same one Aunt Dana has.....I didn't find out until I showed it to Mama and she said "I think Aunt Dana has that one as well" so..I guess We share the same backgrounds!
    I really like this one, Ya know, nice and 'summery' like!



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