Wow! it's been awhile since I posted last!!

last post was October 1rst, and it is the 21 now!!

so, A few days ago, Evan was doing Chicken chores, and he had no one to hold the door shut for him, and the rooster ran out the door.
Evan ran inside yellin' "the Rooster is out!!!!!!!!!".
Me, Evan, Zeb, And Shauna all went to catch our run-away Fog horn (thats his name),
so, We must have spent half an hour chasing him through the woods!!!
We Really didn't want him to get past the road into the woods across the road, so most the time Zeb, Shauna and Evan chased while I 'guarded' the way the the road, a couple of times he got close to getting to the road, but in the end he ran back into the back yard where We finally caught him, and WHEW!!!!! were We tired!!!

The Puppies are growing ever so fast!! I really should take some pictures of them, but for some reason, I wanna take pictures of my cute, adorable, sweet baby bro!!

when I have more time, I'll post some pictures, I've got some good ones of all of Us!! :-)

Shauna's and Daddy's birthday is coming up, Daddy isn't particular about what We get him, but Shauna is! I've spent some time today looking at Vision form for B-day presents to go on her list!!

well, I need to go, hope you liked the post! :-) ;-)


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  1. Whew about the rooster! Glad you caught him! :-)

    I wanna see pictures of the puppies!! I know your little brother is cute, but you could spare maybe just a few minutes/hours (LOL) with those poor, innocent little puppies, couldn't you?? ;-D



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