I've only got one left.....

Yesterday I had two pets, but now I've only got one.
Last night We locked the cats up in a pen to keep them out of the house while We had the windows up, (just a few of our windows have screens), after Dinner We had forgetten them, and left them in their cage.
then, this morning, when Daddy went to work, He found Tigger, dead.
the dogs like to play with the cats, but, I guess this time they played a bit too ruff, some how the cats got out of the cage, Princess and Katie both got away, but My Tigger didn't.
It is kinda hard to believe that Tigger is gone, but, things like this happen, I'm not beat up about it, it happens.



  1. Aww poor Tigger! I'm sorry Ashley...

  2. P.S. That is a really good picture of him! :-)


  3. awww, I am sorry... =(


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- Blaise Pascal