this is the first time since....

.....I was 5 that I have NO pets!!!

a few days back, we where getting supper ready, and this truck came soaring past, all of a sudden we heard this loud BANG and the truck stopped, backed up, then went forward and left.

we had thought that he might have blown a tire, but Zeb and Mama went down to the road to investigate, it wasn't a tire that they found, but Sabastian.

he was dead, and Mama thinks that it was instant, I'm 13 now, and I have had pets all along since I was 5, so, I'm am completely pet-less!

P.S seeing how I was planning on getting rid of sabastian, I wasn't beat up in the least, and you know, I'm not sure how happy he would be in a unfamiliar home, he has been here since puppy hood, and he is a full grown dog now, so he most likely wouldn't be happy else where.

maybe I need to post a happy post?


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  1. Wow your pets are just all dying! But you're most likly right that they wouldn't like it elsewhare! Maybe you can keep a puppy?!


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