Blog award!!

The rules: If you choose to accept this award you must:
#1 Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog,
#3 Tell us 7 interesting facts about yourself,
#2 Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
#4 Contact your nominations and tell them they've won,

first off, Thank you Hannah!
second, as you can see, I've already did that, :-P
7 facts?

1~ I'm a freelance photographer, (I'm in the process of selling some accident photos to a newspaper!)
2~ I have 2 cousins and two friends born on my birthday,
3~ I have had 5 pets in my life (excluding an un-countable number of fish) but now have none,
4~ I like swag bucks, :-D
5~ I am moving to a new house, (what a way to break the news LOL!!!)
6~ I cry in movies, (including one animated one, won't tell which...)
7~My ancestors where french, English, Irish and Dutch.

I award:
Saige, Emarie and Ryleigh At little ladies,

Mama @ sweet Marmalade

Jennifer @ Bates Photography

P.S (somebody award me again, That was FUN!)

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