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Star wars episode 4:
Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When C-3PO and R2-D2 are in the control room of the Death Star, the storm troopers barge in, and one hits his head on the door. This goof was highlighted in the remastered version with a comedy "donk" sound effect
(we noticed this..thanks to Evan :-).

Revealing mistakes: The Jawa's eyes are obviously just light bulbs 
(but who wouldn't know that?)

Revealing mistakes: When Darth Vader releases Admiral Motti and he slumps on the desk, the force of the impact makes the whole set wobble

Revealing mistakes: The arm of the crane supporting the floating torture device is visible for a second or two when it enters Leia's cell. The needle on the device bears the letters "British Made".

Revealing mistakes: In the 2004 edition, in the duel between Vader and Ben, Vader's bright red lightsaber is not reflected on his mask

Continuity: The restraining bolt placed on R2-D2 by the Jawas moves between scenes
(I noticed this)

Audio/visual unsynchronized: It is frequently claimed that upon returning to the Rebel base after destroying the Death Star, Luke exclaims, "Carrie!" when he hears Leia (Carrie Fisher) call "Luke!" Sound designer Ben Burtt has confirmed that, after extensive listening, it appears to be "Hey" or "Yay"; 'Mark Hamill' reports that he said, "Hey! There she is!" but mumbled the last word. Yet, trained lip readers report only two syllables being spoken and they look like Carrie.

Revealing mistakes: Vader kills Captain Raymus Antilles, and thrown his body into a wall. The "dead" man puts his hands out to protect himself from the impact.

The Princess Bride:
Crew or equipment visible: Clear landing pad in the first fight scene when they jump off the rock. The landing is elevated and one can see the rubber mat ripple as they land. The pad can also be seen when Inigo and Fezzik walk to the edge to look down at Westley climbing up.

Continuity: Buttercup is about to be attacked by eels at least a few yards away from the ship she escaped from. The movie switches to The Grandfather and The Grandson. When the movie returns to Buttercup, she is yanked out of the water by Fezzik, even though she was nowhere near the ship just seconds earlier.
 (I've noticed that..have you Molly?)

Revealing mistakes: When Inigo meets Count Rugen for the first time, it is just after Humperdinck and Buttercup's wedding, which is at night. Yet a window behind Count Rugen clearly shows it to be day.

Continuity: Despite of a very high cliff with no ropes,the prince and his troops magically appears in the top of the mountain with their horses.

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): SPOILER: When the priest is performing the "mawwaige" ceremony, he states that the "mawwiage between Westley and buttercup." He should have said Humperdink, not Westley
 (I've GOT to watch for this one!!!)

Old Yeller:

Continuity: After Old Yeller catches the catfish and Travis scolds him and Arliss for being in the drinking water, the next scene shows Old Yeller lying on his side perfectly clean and dry.

Savage Sam:

Revealing mistakes: Towards the end when Bud Searcy makes his miracle shot at great distance, the Indian falls off his horse the instant the trigger is pulled. At that distance there should have been a slight delay
 (Me and Zeb agree...I think there was....)

The incredible Mr. Limpet:

Anachronisms: When Capt. Harlock reports to Adm. Spewter after Henry volunteers his services to the Navy, Spewter says "I'm going to have a hard enough time explaining this to the Pentagon." Henry volunteered shortly after hearing the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941. The Pentagon was still under construction at that time.

The African Queen:

Boom mic visible: On first evening on African Queen, while Rose is drinking her tea, the shadow of the boom mic appears over the port edge of the boat several times.

Revealing mistakes: Obvious double for Robert Morley as he tends the garden after the Germans leave

Revealing mistakes: Allnut gets wet sleeping under the open sky, and Rose finally lets him into the canopied part of the boat. After he falls asleep, she opens an umbrella to protect him from the rain. When she opens the umbrella, it is already wet, presumably from previous takes.

Continuity: When Charlie wakes up in the rain, his blanket is completely soaked. After Rosie lets him in out of the rain, his blanket is dry

The ten Commandments:

Anachronisms: Moses on top of the large rock with a watch on

Anachronisms: When Bithia fishes Moses out of the Nile, there is a blatant zipper up the back of her dress. This was invented in A.D. 1891.

Night at the museum: battle of the Smithsonian: 

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Napoléon Bonaparte speaks with a French accent. It is known that he never had one to speak of, always speaking French (a second language of his) with a Corsican accent, which sounds closer to an Italian accent.

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Custer is portrayed with a southern (perhaps Virginian) accent, but he was from the Ohio-Michigan region. He introduces himself as "General Custer of the 7th U.S. Cavalry," but he was a general only in the 3rd Cavalry, and a lieutenant colonel in the 7th. Finally, far more than "208" Federal soldiers died at the Battle of Little Big Horn

this grew longer then I thought...but you could go on and on and on with Goofs!!!

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