I (and a upset brother) have created a new recipe!!

You will need:

1 upset brother
How many potatoes as you need
Pepper (this is very essential!)

What you do:

Ask the upset brother (must be at you) to season the M. taters.
Think he can do it himself without being told how much.
Brother will shake tons of pepper in the potatoes and ask you when to stop.
and, since you have headphones on, listening to "I belong" by Kathryn Scott, you won't hear him.
Music will stop, you will happen (THANKFULLY!) glance at brother.
"when do I stop?"
 you will promptly scream"----!!" (submit upset brother's name here).
Tell upset brother to try to spoon some of it out.
When brother is done, tell him "put 1 tablespoon of-- and one tablespoon of--"
Brother will ask "what will a tablespoon look like?"
Show him. When brother is completely done, tell him you'll do the rest.
stir. Taste.
now say "you can certainly taste the pepper!"

And you have now got spicy Mashed potatoes!
My SIggy


  1. That was a neat recipe! :)

    The header looks good, but I'm trying to be more creative, so I will post some more headers soon :)

  2. Hey Ashley,

    What a funny recipe! LOL

    I tagged you at my blog (uniquelyfashionedforhisglory.blogspot.com). :)



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