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1) Why did you start a blog, and how long have you been blogging?

My story for why isn't so great, it is one of the only peer preshures I have felt. One of my friends had one, and I wanted one, so, I got one.... I started the world of blog 7/14/08...My first post was done on the very day!

2) Who is your favorite singer or song?

Kathryn scott, and the Wissmann family are my favorite singers, as for songs, I really like hallighuah. (last song on playlist)

3) How many Siblings do you have?

I have 7 siblings. Evan (12), Zebidiah (11), Shauna (8, almost 9), Kyla (7), Annaruth (6) Ruby (or bitsy, as I call her, 3) and Titus (14 Mo.)

4) What do you want to accomplish most in life?

I have a lot of 'would-likes'
I would like to be a photographer,
I would like to be talented,
I would like to make a name for myself,
I would like to breed Jack Russles.
But, I think my greatest want is just to serve God and do what he directs me to! (I am asking for a place in the middle east, but, its up to him!)

5) How tall are you?

NOW! it is my turn to ask the Q. and YOUR turn to answer!
When you get tagged, answer the questions below:

#1 What is your least favorite book, movie?

#2 what is your feelings on Tomatoes?

#3 What was the last thing you said?

#4 If you could meet any famous person, who would it be? (must be a real life person, fictionous poeple
do. not. count  The person doesn't have to be alive)

#5 are you a short sleeve, long sleeve or 3 1/4 length sleeve (ect) person?

Ok now...I tag

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  1. Oh! I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier! Thank you for the tag! :)


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