Why not?

I put up a poll on my blog asking if you liked the music on my blog, 3 people said 'no' and 1 person said 'yes'. Now I'm wondering, why don't you like it?  If you could comment and tell me, then I'd be ever so happy!

If you don't want your comment published, then say something about me not publishing it.

Thank you!


  1. Hello Ashley,
    I voted saying that liked your music. Wait, no I LOVE the music. I would find myself humming it to myself after getting off your blog. :) I don't know why someone wouldn't like the music. I hope you get your answers. :)

  2. I didn't vote on this poll, but I don't like music on blogs because sometimes I have a couple blogs open at one time, and then all of them are playing music at the same time. :P Also, if I am on late at night, and my little brother is sleeping or something, when I open a blog and it just blares out music real loud, it can be annoying. ;)


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