Giveaway...and problem solved!

Faithfully Feminine is hosting a giveaway! go check it out!

I've decided to make a blog page (still on here) where I post all the current giveaways I have entered...sound great? Okay!

Now, for this giveaway, you must answer these questions:
1: Why do you blog?~ Because I want too. Lame reason, I know.
2: What is your favorite meal?~ A Chinese cuisine! 
3: Name one thing you like about my blog.~ I JUST found her blog...but I like her header.
4: Name one thing you dislike about my blog.~ uh, just found you, don't know if I dislike anything yet!
5: What is your favorite book?~ Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
6: What is your favorite song?~Either 'Sh'boom' or 'Can you feel the Love tonight'.
7: MP3 or iPod?~Don't own one.
8: TV or Movie?~What is my preferred? Movie.
9: Ice cream or Cookies?~ ICE CREAM! (or better yet, Cookies 'n' cream ICE CREAM!)
10: Action or Romance?~ Action.

Good-night till the morning comes!


  1. Oh, I love giveaways!!! I'll check it out. =)

    -Leia <3

  2. I love Chinese food, too! My favorite is sweet and sour chicken. What's yours? ;)


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