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5 Things I Learned In 2010

1. Who cares about what others think of you.
2. Photography is a pricey hobby.
3. Friends come, Friends go. But Family is forever.
4. Writing is my peace zone.
5. I Can sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' without sounding like a duck.

5 Things I Want to Accomplish This Year

1. Finish a Novel.
2. Become a better Christian.
3. Open my Photography business full swing.
4. Sew different costumes for my sisters to dress up in.
5. Be a better Blogger.

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do, But Have Never Done

1. Take Voice lessons.
2. Finish a Novel.
3. Go to Walmart in a Medieval costume.
4. Swim in a coral reef.
5. Be a actor and Writer.

5 Things I See Important in Life

1. My faith.
2. My Family.
3. Reading.
4. Friends.
5. Being myself.

5 Moments When You Thought You Had Life Made

1. When I spoke in front of our church (I was doing a book report)
2. No others.
3. ...............
4. ...............
5. ...............

Thank you Leia for tagging me!

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  1. Awesome tag! Going to Wal-Mart in a medieval costume sounds like fun. ;)

  2. I agree with Shaynie! LOL I knew someone who went dressed as an Indiana to Walmart. LOL

    -Leia <3


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal