"And try you will"

Watched The Hunger Games today.  I added it to my life events on Facebook.

Haters gonna hate, potato's gonna potate, but I LOVED the movie.  I cried, I smiled, I jumped, I saluted.  I loved it all.

Start off, the tribute costumes...I want one like District 12's.  AHHHH!!! CAN I PUHLEEZE BE ON FIRE? Why can't I have a Cinna? why? Why? Why?

Someone in the Cineman went "Awww!" at this point.

You know, instead of posting random pictures and thoughts, maybe I should do this more orderly...

All week Me, Joanna, and Emily had this little outing to see the Games planned.  I will admit, that was the reason for my lack of posting.  All I could think about was The Hunger Games. And I didn't want to bog you readers down with endless fan posts.  I try not to make that happen to often.  Anyway, I had an app on my phone counting down the Days, hours, Minutes and Seconds until we could watch it. 

We got at the Cinema a few (as in, twenty) minutes early, and I was waiting rather impatiently for Emily, her mom and Sister Kayli to show up.  (Joanna wasn't able to watch the movie with us).  I kept checking my countdown app to see how many minutes were left. 
Finally, the other ladies got there, and we bought our tickets, popcorn, candy and Dr. Pepper, and sat down.  Do you know just how annoying those trailers before the movie can be? UGH!  We had to sit through Breaking Dawn 2, Snow White and the Huntsman (Which looked AWESOME), the new Spider man (also Awesome)...and...I think they were all.  It felt like there were 1000 trailers. 

At first, the way they did the cameras did bother me.  It was a little jiggly.  But, after watching it for 5 minutes (I've used time references a lot in this post...) I got used to it, and even grew to like it.

A few highlights of the film for me:

Gale. Is. The. Cutest.  I know girls go gaga over Peeta, and while I don't hate him anymore (He is ok in his own right), Gale is still my favorite between the two.

Cinna.  I detected NO gay traits in him AT ALL.  In fact, if you see Cinna, send him my way.  Cinna is the best thing since creation.

The Tribute Entry.  Oh my Gollygoodness.  It was amazing.  Peeta and Katniss' entry was..blazing hot! Loved it! I want a suit like Katniss'. Badly.

Rue's Death.  Honestly, this was a very sad scene, but for the first time ever, I did a brave thing.  A daring thing. A big thing.  I am a outgoing person, but with people I know.  And I'm not one for making a scene, or drawing attention to myself. But, I knew if I never did it, then I could never live with myself.  When Katniss saluted the crowd after Rue died...Me, Kayli, and Emily did as well.  We kissed our three fingers, and held them high proudly.  I did something very big right then.  Aren't you all proud?

Haymitch.  I was a little nervous about what my Mom would think about the movie, but she loved it! And..she liked Hatmitch best.  She chuckled a few times over his sarcastic snips.  We all love our toughies, don't we?

The tidiness.  I know the reviewer a ranted about earlier thought it much to gory, but I must say, it was very well done.  Outside of little scratches, and burns, the only true bloodiness was on Cato after he and Thresh dueled it out (or did the Mutts attack them?) and when Rue was speared, and that was only a little red spot on her shirt.  When Cato was attacked by the Mutts, it didn't even show him, just a dark outline as he was laying in the shadows.

Also, THE MUTTS WERE HORRIFYING!!! If you haven't watched The Hunger Games yet...be prepared. They are gonna jump out, and scare you.  I was smart, and closed my eyes. Mama didn't, and she jumped.

The Things that kinda bummed me out was how 1) Peeta didn't lose his leg. 2) I think the movie was made for the Fans.  My Mom, never having read the book, didn't understand everything, so I had to explain a lot. 3) Some small details in the Arena were left out. 4) There wasn't more details on Katniss' 'flock of parrots' (AKA, her prep team). 5) Katniss didn't break Peeta's heart in the train at the end, but maybe they plan to do that in Movie 2.  Oh, something I forgot to mention that I liked...In the book, Katniss and Peeta kissed close to 5 times, in the movie it was only twice. I really liked that.

And Caesar was hilarious. Love'im!

After the movie was over, us girls went to a Chinese Buffet, where Joanna met us.  While we were there, this waiter really annoyed me. My two younger brothers are young giants, and I hardly ever go anywhere without them, but tonight, it was just us ladies. Boy oh Boy. Never did I realize just how so doggone annoying stranger guys can be!!  This waiter would not leave us girls alone!!  Jo made a few comments, like, "Don't you have work to do?" and he said, "Oh, yeah, I have 3 jobs!".  Dude, that wasn't what she meant.  He kept trying to talk to us, and whenever we'd stop talking to him, and chat in among ourselves, he would jump into our conversation.  I wanted to slap him, and drag his little behind into the kitchen.  Go make some sushi, or something.  Anyway, we girls decided to go chat outside after we were finished eating (which didn't take long, since we had eaten way to much popcorn).  The moms stayed inside for a little longer, while we just..small talked. I guess.  And watched a youtube video of guys falling in Wal-Mart. Yeah.

This guy was cool.  Flame beard? Totally diggin' it.  I want my guy to have a flame beard.  Cuz Seneca wears a flame beard, flame beards are now cool.  I was really sorry Stupid Snow had him killed....Rotten, stupid, stinkin' President Snow.
Then we went to Dairy Queen. Where I got a Iced Hot Chocolate. Which, dearest readers...is heaven covered chocolate in a cup.  Oh, good.  I probably bottomed out my unhealthy eating for a week.  Then, we girls talked about brothers...iphones...Music...and a whole lot of stuff I wont remember until some random moment in the future.  That is the way my brain processes new information.

Then, it was close to 10, and we went home.  A thoroughly fun afternoon.  The moms, (My Mother, and Mrs. Susan) decided we should do that sort of thing more often.  Like every other month have a girl's night out.  Even if we only go to Dairy Queen and chat.  It would still be fun! And I seriously need to see Emily and Kayli more often.

Anyway, I had a blast.  And it's 11:55, and I'm not tired.  Maybe it is the amounts of sugar, but it is probably my horrid insomnia.  OH! OH! OH!!!! Last night, I could'nt get to sleep, so I turned on my music...nothing was helping. So, I went to youtube, and turned on the POTO song, "Music of the Night".

Which, is becoming my all time favorite Phantom of the Opera song.  I just LOVE the emotion Erik shows.  And how he seems like he is at his most tenderest, weakest, and like he...he...how do I describe it? I dunno. He seems so feeble, and emotional.  I like that.

But, anyway, I turned it on, and was asleep before the song was over.  When I woke up this morning, the importance of that dawned on me.
Here is a conversation between me and my oldest younger brother, Evan.

Me: "Erik sang me to sleep last night!! And it worked!!".
Evan: "What are you talking about?!?!"
Me: I listened to Music of the Night, and it got me to sleep when nothing else could!!"
Evan: O_o.
Me: "Don't you see?!?! 'In sleep he sang to me'....???"
Evan" o_O

My brothers have pretty much decided I'm a raving lunatic not to be annoyed.

Well, goodnight!

Signed with Gold eyeshadow....



  1. Myyy goodness! Such a wonderful post. Hehe, I was going to write a post very similar to this one, almost exactly the same, but I don't think I shall. I'll just mention watching the Hunger Games on my blog and then put the link to your blog in my post. Is dat okay dear? =)

    We *DO* need to do something like this more than every 6 months. ;) I had a blast, and I'm going to have to try the iced hot chocolate next time we go to Dairy Queen.

    I kknnooowww!! That guy at the Panda Buffet was really bothering me. I almost said something like "Please, would you *PLEASE* leave us alone. We're trying to eat. Your job is to get us our drinks and clean up our messes. Please go away...."

    Ohhh, hehe. And I just forgot that all of those loverly books that you gave me are in the back of our car. ;) I'm gonna run out there and get them as soon as the sun rises. Thanks so much for them! Let me know what you think about the books I gave you! ;)

    May the odds be ever in your favor....

  2. Much agree, I was a fan of Gale. Everyone in the theater here in Hong Kong was like "OH MY GOSH PEETA HE'S SO ADORABLE".

    And there was me, who was depressed that Gale didn't get chosen to go to The Hunger Games, so I knew that {in this movie, anyway}, there would be no Gale/Katniss romance. Sad.

    ...Now I kind of want to read the books, now that I know they're different than the movie. :P

    1. They aren't to much different, but the movie did leave some things out.

  3. Great review Ashley! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the movie. :)

  4. I know what you mean about squirming through all the previews. I was so excited to see the movie that I could barely eat dinner beforehand. I was like SHAKING in the car on the way there. :)

    Wow, you are so awesome for giving the three-finger salute. I wish I had thought of that :D

    A few notes about my own opinions on the movie:
    - Caesar was the best
    - I wish they had the line in there where Cinna says, "I chose District 12."
    - I wish they gave the Mutts tribute faces, like they did in the book.
    - I think the book was gorier than the movie, don't you? They really didn't have all that much blood/gore in the movie.

    So glad you had a good time, Ashley :) Thanks for sharing your movie experience!

    1. We were smart, and didn't eat until after. Lol.

  5. Loved this post. Also, The Hunger Games...so GOOOD! :) I am obsessed with it. And I agree with everything you said about it. :))) Haha, that is kind of funny about the waiter. :))

  6. Wow those people have crazy outfits, lol.

    Erik sang you to sleep! :DDDD <3 ooohhoho jealous I am! ^_^
    But hey, I have a guppy named Erik, that has to count for something... =p
    I love that song, sing it ALL the time.

  7. I'm just glad we got out of there when we did. I was about to freak out! (restaurant) haha

    Ohh can I come to some of these every other month get togethers!??

    It was SOOO fun! :D

  8. Ohmyword....I died laughing in this post!! The part about the creepy waiter--Meohmy!!

    And about Phantom of the Opera...cried while laughing about the exchange your brother and you did! LOL.

    Thank you for making me laugh!!

  9. Haha. You are hilarious! The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack rocks...loved your conversation with your brother. That was an awesome post!


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