Ma Journee {Entry 5}

Well, Time for another Ma Journee.  Actually, I normally only resort to this when I don't have a flaming hot post, but sense the urge that my blogging pen is starting to get crusty from not being used.

Today..today..today...Well. We had another park day.  Its always nice to be around friends...and frenemies.  So we spent a good hunk of time at the park, discussing Books, Dragons, an upcoming 80's themed party, Ninjas, and a whole lot of random stuff.  How many of you ever played Ninja? It is great fun. And if many of you don't know how it is done, I shall try to get a video demonstrating next time, K?

And here of late, I've been reading a review book I got from an author. HUZZAH! I actually contacted an author I did not know somewhat personally! And got a book from it. The lucky author is Kay Springsteen!

So far I like it.  But..I dunno. It's bridging on the too much romance for my personally tastes.  I don't normally grab gushy titles, and I dearly hoped this would be more then just a romance.  And it hasn't demonstrated it wouldn't be. Only..hinted.  You want to know the bitter truth? I liked the masquerade mask. I kinda have a thing for masks since I became a POTO fan. 

I also had a nice conversation with Nova today...

Uhm..What else did my lazy self do?  Oh! I got a Letter from one of my pen pals, Lindsay, and have started my reply back.  I can't stand to not write back soon after getting my letter. Everything I do seems like I should be writing back. and I start feeling guilty and apologizing each day I haven't sent my reply out.

Did anybody notice the number of followers on here? 157. Dudette....when did I become so popular? When did people actually start caring about this southern gal's daily life? When did fantastic peeps read her somewhat strange rambles? You readers are awesome.

Oh, I had Pizza Hut today. And I had a Coke. I like the way Coke makes my throat feel. That hot, burning sensation. charming, charming. 

Oh, know the 1980's party I talked about way above? Well, we stopped by a garage sale today, and since my fashion style tends to not be 80s geared at all, I need to find something I like that is rather out there. Shouldn't be to hard. But, look at these rocking awesome earrings I got for $.50:
80s enough for you?  My bestie, who was also invited, wants to dress like Michael Jackson. And if she does, perhaps we shall both learn how to dance to his song, Thriller. And we can be double freaking awesome. 

I think that sums up my day.  So far. Anyway.  But it's only 7:06, and you never know what might yet happen....


  1. Just wanted to say I sent your package!

    Email me soon!

  2. I found the glove, hat, and jacket! You're going to LOVE it! :D


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