A Study in Holmes

One of the English speaking world's most beloved characters.  The words 'Detective' 'Deerstalker' and 'Baker Street' have never been the same since the fateful day in 1891.  Many movies, shows, and books have been written about the legendary man. People study his methods, and many other fictional detectives copy his style.  It truly is hard to separate Private Inspector from Sherlock Holmes.

I myself have started writing my own Sherlock 'Fan Fiction'. Though I dearly hope it should be more then a simple fan fic. And in an urge to make it as 'real' (Funny, I'm trying to make it as real as possible when the 'real' I'm striving for is still fiction) as possible, I've been pouring over my Complete Adventures version. Learning every single detail I might have missed when just joy reading.  Taking notes, crossing out ideas, making new ones.

It never fails to amazes me just how incredible Sherlock Holmes is.   He is a man that appears to be heartless, but he isn't at all that way. But, why would any man hide his heart in a cupboard? Why would he put up a stony front?  Oh, the mysteries of Mr. Holmes!  That is another thing I have enjoyed with my upcoming novel idea...What is the background of the Holmes brothers? Both are highly intelligent, and while it might be hereditary, a certian amount must have gone to their upbringing. What were their parents like? With naming their sons Mycroft and Sherlock (both names were NOT popular and well known names in those times periods) I can surely deduct they were eccentric, interesting people. Sherlock Holmes had mentioned they were country squires, but that is all.
And Sherlock Holmes' high distaste in the lady folk. Where is the origins of that? Some have suggested he had a traumatic incident as a child involving a woman. Perhaps losing a Mother at a young age.  And I can say I have built upon that thought in my novel.

And why would he not tell Dr. Watson, his closest friend, about his brother, Mycroft? Well, if we consider Sherlock's line of work, we can surely deduce that many people would probably want revenge on Mr. Holmes. Especially a certian professor. Maybe he was simply not giving them a weak place to strike. However, I fully think Mr. Mycroft Holmes was fully capable of handling his own safety.

There is much to mystery man Holmes...And I shall never tire of reading and learning about him.


  1. What a great post. I love Sherlock Holmes to. He is a incredible personality. Will you post your fanfiction on your blog, or keep it secret? ;)

    1. I wont be posting the whole thing, but I'll surely post snippets and updates from time to time on my writing blog: http://penciledwithimagination.blogspot.com/.

  2. Ahhh! I love Sherlock Holmes!

    I forgot about your "writing" blog... Must go read! :)

  3. I love both Sherlock Holmes and this post! That was neat!

  4. I LOVE the stories! My favorites are The Dying Detective and Speckled Band!!!!


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