Come to the dark side, We have Mexican Wedding Cookies.

Today, My sister, Shauna, dragged me into the kitchen to make cookies. Thankfully, we didn't have any milk, so we had to opt out of Chocolate chips (Let me explain, I like Chocolate chip cookies, but I highly dislike making them. Plus, they hurt my teeth, so I end up spending a while in the kitchen helping her mix the dough together, and not be able to eat any of them. That isn't a good deal for me). I don't like cooking period, but I kinda had the feeling Mama wouldn't like it if I didn't help Shauna...she normally isn't to happy if I put up a fuss about kitchen work. Anyway, Shauna decided to wanted to make Mexican Wedding Cookies, which are really good (and don't hurt my teeth). Well, at first, she wanted to make Reese balls..but I (THANKFULLY)noted we only had 2 of the ingredients..I was saved from really long kitchen work.

 Creaming the butter and the sugar.  It takes only 3/4 sugar, but 2 cups of butter.  For you fat haters out there (Which I'm not in league with..I'm da butter Queen), choose your greater evil.
 The first couple of cookies, delightfully dusted with powder sugar.
 The whole fanangle. 

 Mixing the onnomnom goodness up.  Wanna know somethun? I took all the pictures in this post on my iphone. Yep. Instagram is my new most favorite thing. Ever.
La creamed butter al la sugar. Or, better known as, creamed heaven.

So, I've probably made you all drooling, and ruining your computers...so to make up for it, How about the recipe?

2 cups REAL butter (take that, plastic, AKA margarine, lovers)
3/4 c. Sugar
4 Tablespoons Vanilla
4 c. Flour
2 c. Finally chopped Pecans (this is optional, I prefer them with it, but since most of my family detest nuts, we skipped them this time)
Powdered Sugar

Cream Butter  and sugar.
Add remaining ingredients in order listed; mixing well.
Put in refrigerator for 2 hours (we also skipped this...cookies on a timeline, here!) 
Roll into balls (makes approx 42) and bake at 350 for 10 minutes. Cool 5 minutes and then gently roll in powdered sugar.

So..that was pretty much the gist of my day. That and school, learning how to make my Sims characters throw up (I've GOT to show that to you, Joanna!!), singing "Party Spock is in the house tonight, everybody have a logical time" due to THIS, and...general laying around, playing Sims, Dragonvale and reading.  Pretty boring day, all in all.

Signing off, 
Spock Rock on,


  1. LOOKS SO GOOOD! You just made me ruin my computer! Mama will be mad! Yo should have warned us!!! LOL ;)

  2. Oh my goodness. Sims is "so wrong!" (robots voice)

  3. I'm gonna try making these, they look d-li-ci-ous...hehe


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