Dear Crew:

It is over. All over.  All done. No more.  We finished Star Trek Voyager. 

Dear Captain Janeway:

You remind me sometimes of me Mom.  You do what is right, even though it might hurt you, or those you love.  You are a great role model for anybody, but sadly...I think I'd go for a more...Kirk...way.  I'd be ruthless,brazen, and probably make more enemies in space then friends.

Sincerely, Wish-I-was-more-like-you.

Dear Seven:

You know, we all wish to be as smart as you.  And, I'll admit, it is fun trying to 'Walk like a Borg' like you do.  So straight, and  sure of your self.  But you really aren't sure. are you?  You're uncertain, confused at times.  I think in some ways we're alike, not many, but in some.  You hold a strong (but false) bravado, but underneath, you are not so sure, not so strong.

-Cordially, 1 of 9.

P.S Your lucky, ya know that? 

Dear Tom:

I simply love your idea to quit Star Fleet and become a Holonovel writer. It seems like a charming occupation.  And you know what?  I'd totally play your Holonovels.

Captain Proton forever, Ashley.

Dear B'Elanna:

you were my mirror.  you helped me recognized my inner Klingon. And you can more easily get rid of something once you know it is there.  But do I really want to shed the Klingon under self?  Like you, without her, I'm not whole.  I'm not me. B'Elanna, you really are my favorite character.

Qapla', Lt. Commander Ashley.

Dear Chakotay:

If I knew you, I'd let you take me on a vision quest, and find my animal guide.  It sounds very fun.  Even though I wouldn't put any weight in the animal (If it happened to be a Cow, I'm sorry. I'm not giving up steak).  Take care of Seven, ok?

Truly Yours, Maqui Me.
Dear Doc:

You are a close second after B'Elanna.  Me and you could have buckets of fun, singing Opera, being pessimistic, complaining...Playing around on the Holodeck...Yeah.  We'd have way to much fun. Way to much.

I always thought you were more human, Organic A.

 Dear Harry:

Listen buddy, I'm sorry you never got to be anything but an Ensign until the very end.  It isn't fair.  But, how many Ensigns get to command a Star Ship? Yeah? You're the only one I know.

Bye, Me, just Me,

Dear Tuvok:

Well...Good bye. 

Oh, and you ain't fooling no body, Mr. Vulcan.  You liked Neelix...sometimes.  And you dancing was priceless.. You shoudl do it more often.

Live long and Prosper, I'm-a-Lt.Commander-too.

 Dear Neelix:

I think we could all strive to be more like you.  And, honestly,cooking isn't so annoying..if I think of you while doing it. #justdon'ttellanybody.

But, I think your decision to leave Voyager, while the right thing, and probably the thing I would've done, was terrible.  Just terrible.

Never again, Chef Ashley.

Dear Kes:

Me and you could've been soul sisters, well, until you changed, but we could've been!   Oh, and, next time. Don't cut your hair. It looks better long and curly.

♥, Ashley.

And, to everybody else:
Icheb, Naomi, Ensign Wildman, The Borg Children, Borg Queen, All the Hirogen,

Live Long, Crew.



  1. This is just a little bittersweet for you, now isn't it? :'(

  2. Voyager is a great series! I haven't seen every episode yet, but am on my way there. This was a really interesting post. I've never looked at the series in this sort of way. It's interesting to read what someone would say to each character given the chance. It makes me wonder what I would say to these characters and the characters of other franchises I enjoy. Great post! :D

    1. I have the sometimes awesome, sometimes not so, problem of viewing fictional characters as real. lol

    2. lol I've had the same problem since I can remember! I always find it fasinating and interesting to see others who are like that. I last saw the series when I was a little kid, and now rewatching it I'm beginning to get mor invested in the charcters. :D

  3. Voyager was one of my favorites!! Even though Captain Janeway isn't my all-time favorite captain (that privilege goes to Picard), this is probably one of my favorite series.

    But I always thought that them making it back to Earth at the end was kind of a lame ending. :-/

    1. Picard will always be MY captain as well. Though I liked Janeway.

      Yeah, I think Gene Roddenberry just doesn't know how to end a series. As TNG was kinda lame as well.

    2. Actually Roddenberry died four years before Voyager's first episode aired.


  4. Voyager is the series that got me started in Star Trek, it is the one that I have seen the most episodes when I was younger, so this is the crew I am most familiar with. My favorite character is Seven of Nine, I do not know why but I have always liked Cyorgs/androids. I also like Doc, he was hilarious at times.



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