Catching Fireflies.

This is going to be a big post, an emptying of my heart, and a realization of the possibility of catching dreams. Are you sure you are ready?

I've always loved Owl City's Fireflies. But I never exactly knew what it meant. Since I'm the type her likes to look beyond the face of things, Fireflies, what did it mean? Was it literal? Was it hypothetical? Was it allegorical?  It wasn't until Last night, I fully understood what the 'Fireflies' where.

As many of you know, it has been a dear dream of mine to travel Europe, but mostly, see London. If the saying, "Home is Where the Heart is" Is true, then Home is London for me.  Mama doesn't fully understand, and I don't expect her to. I don't fully know why I love Great Britain and London. I think she sorta views my love for a country that's not my own as...unloyal, maybe.  I love America, but I, how do I explain it? I'll always be American. She will always be a part of me that I won't be able to shun or get rid of. But England is my chosen.

I've always kinda had a view (subconsciously) That going to London would be the same as going to Narnia. A dream. Impossible. That I could wish my heart out, but I'd never get there.  Only Magical people could go to London, only fairy tale folk could travel to England.

Last night, however, a thunderbolt hit me.

England is a real place, and only an ocean seperates us.

" 'Only' an Ocean" scoffed my shoulder devil, "You'll never cross that".
"Whyever not?" My shoulder Angel retored
"Honey, haven't you seen the prices of plane tickets? Huh? No? Well, trust me, It's not a cheap little row"
"Don't be a pessimist, you can save up for it!"
"Save up for it? *evil laugh* When will you get there, when you're 30?"
"Better 30 then never".

At that moment, I wanted to go so bad, it hurt. I wanted to hug my shoulder angel, I wanted just to fly.  A flame was kindled, one that hasn't yet snuffed out, and it probably wont.

I realized that night, Dreams are more then words on our bucket lists, Dreams are more then fantasies we'll never grasp.

Dreams are the things I will do.

I dream of going to London. Of seeing big Ben. of getting my picture taken with the Sherlock Holmes statue, of being a true tourist there.

And so I shall.

I am now saving up every single penny (well, almost, I still have birthdays to buy gifts for. And I won't deny myself itunes) I scrap together. Even if it takes me until I'm 30 or gray. Even if I have to give up little things I'd like to have. Even if it means not doing NaNoWrMo because I wont be buying me a laptop. even if it means eye shopping when I go to the mall with my friends. I will do it. 

Guess what peoples? 
I'm buying a Plane ticket.

So, shut up little Shoulder demon. I'm doing this, and nothing will stop me.

True, I might have to get a job that involves working out in the hot, bloody sun, But, will it be worth it? 100%.

I'm going to print a picture of Big Ben to put in my wallet, so each time I open it, I'll be reminded of my dedication.  It will make me ask the question, "Is this worth a set back to London?".

And who knows? Maybe I'll get enough money for the ticket and traveling expenses quicker then I thought, and maybe I'll expand my trip. Maybe I'll visit Rome, and Paris, and Cork, and tour all of Europe.

Who knows. 

Maybe I'll never come back.

Oh, and the Fireflies? They are Dreams.


  1. Wow....such an inspiring post!! And you're totally right because dreams DO come true!! :D Many of mine have already become a reality and it's so awesome.

  2. LOVE THIS POST!! You go, girl!

    Oh, and I LOVE "FIREFLIES"!!! It's one of my most favorite songs ever, and yeah, I've always wondered what it's about because...those lyrics are a little different. :) But yeah, I think you're right. They are Dreams.


  3. This is such a true and beautiful post. I want to come to London with you! Hahaha, that'd be so much fun. I know that you will go to London one day, Ashley. And you ask how I know? Because you have set your heart and mind on it. And when someone sets their heart and mind on something, if God wills, it will happen. ;)

  4. WOW! Way to go Ashley!! So inspiring! I need to talk to you about this topic. Finally someone with the same mindset! It's all about being a go-getter and knowing what you want and MAKING IT HAPPEN. So I finally have started moving in this direction, embracing dreams. But you know what? Now that NOTHING is stopping me, I'm kinda scared... ya know? Like kinda freaked out. Ahhh too much to explain over the internet!

    We need to get together soon so we can further inspire each other! :)


    Dear Miss Ashley Hunter,

    Please contact me at your nearest
    convenience to schedule a visit [stop]
    We could watch movies, and eat cookies [stop]

    And talk [stop]

    Yours cordially,

    Miss Joanna Ayers


  5. Eeee! You go girl! And when you're done with Europe, give us a big, fat post, ya here? :D

    Also, shot you a PM on the Lakehouse ;)

  6. Fantastic inspriational post. wow I swore i never heard of owlcity but i do know that song. (just never knew the title or artist) I am sure you will make it there. its definitly not impossible and very doable. Good luck girly you can definitly do it (and when you do you better post lots of pictures on your blog) Follow your dreams, do anything you can to accomplish them and they become goals and then eventually become reality :D good luck girl. Love this post. God bless

  7. I adore that song too. And I love all your pictures!!!

    I don't fully understand either... But I understand more with this post. But what if England isn't "Narnia"? Then again, life is what you make it... so even if it isn't really all that different from America, to you it will be and that will make all the difference.

    I am positive you will be able to go there eventually, even if it is when you're 30 with a job. Oh, when you get there, don't come back! lol... I mean if that's where you want to be, stay there! haha...

  8. Hey Ashley! Just wanted to say I emailed you! Please email me back soon!


  9. I sent it to you Avalyn Design email...

  10. Wow, Ashley! I stopped by from Annika's giveaway, and I'm so glad I did. This post was absolutely beautiful!

    I'm a big believer in living life to the fullest. I have a bucket list a mile long and a list of places I want to go someday, but I don't view them as things I daydream about but never expect to achieve - my dreams are things I intend to do. You're absolutely right - Dreams are more then words on our bucket lists, Dreams are more then fantasies we'll never grasp. Dreams are the things I will do.

    Wonderful, wonderful post. I wish you all the best - enjoy your trip to Europe! <3

  11. Wow. I just found your blog! and this is the first post that I read. You are a gifted writer. This was so inspiring. wow. My dream is to also go to London and Paris. :))) Wow. Wow. Wow. I just can't get over how amazing this was. Most likely one of the best posts that I have read in a while! :)))) Ah, I love Owl City. One of my favorite bands. :))


  12. P.S. I would follow you right this moment--but my computer is being stupid and not letting me. but you are now in my book marks, so know that you have your 154th follower. :)

  13. Hey, I got your comment on my latest post, thanks!

    Oh, I didn't mean people who simply disagreed with what I said, like you- of course not, that wouldn't be fair! I mean people unwilling to listen, see someone else's POV etc., that kind of thing. I've reworded a lot of stuff, and if you took offense, I'm really, really sorry. Again, thank you for the comment!


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