Meeting Grace And Emma.

{Warning: Lotsa pictures in this here post}

I got to meet two very lovely Ladies this Wednesday.
Grace from 'Love Poured Out' and Emma from 'Whimsical Chatter'.

Grace had contacted me a few weeks ago, informing me they would be coming into Alabama, and wondering if there was a way we could meet up. To be honest, I pretty much knew my parents were going to say no. But, after talking with them they were all gungho for it! (Long story, I told Daddy, then he forgot, and not wanting to be pushy, I kept waiting, then, finally, a week before when we had hoped to meet, I brought the topic up again, and got the affirmative).  It really surprised, and excited me, as you can well imagine. 

Me and Grace worked out the details, such as where we'd meet, what time, the day, and then we waited. It was only a couple days, but shooo, those were some of the hardest waiting I've ever done!

We had settled on meeting at a Golden Corral in Destin, which was a good location, since Destin was pretty much right in between both of us.

They got there before us, since one of our littles (Yes! All of us went! Which also surprised me. I had imagined only me and Daddy would probably end up going, if I did)  gets car sick easily, and we had to stop to let her take a breather.  and when we had pulled up, gotten out of the van, and ya know, settled the little girls. (Hair, socks, shoes...all those things go berserk on them when being in a vehicle for more than 30 minutes) they started walking towards them.
I did not squeal. But I wanted to. Badly. Instead, I behaved like a well raised Young Adult, and just ran towards them, and hugged them all. ;-D
We chatted, and ate, and then headed out to the Beach. As, I was to find out, Destin has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

 A Pirate ship! floating around! Daddy (He goes to Destin quite frequently) says it gives rides.... ermergersh. I want a ride on a pirate ship oh so badly....

 Grace will probably Internet strangle me for posting these canon pictures I've got of her.... But, to hopefully appease her, "Grace, if you've got any pictures of me, you may also post them". Cringing? Me? Cringing? Nah...ok...maybe a little bit....
 Oye! I think we have a castaway!

 I do enjoy taking pictures of sea birds...its therapeutic to sneak up on them. I could positively do it all day.
 And wave pictures. Thats also calming. Forget the sound of waves...All I need is a camera and the action of waves.

 It was so fun seeing how well our parents got along!

 And, My little Sisters had a blast with Beth, and I'm assuming it's the same vis versa...but I'm just assuming. ;-)

 that look. XD

 See how clear the water is? It was the most beautiful water I have ever seen. Destin's beaches are now my favorite beaches in the world. And, seeing how I'm not a beachy person....thats saying a lot that I actually loved this one.

 Grace faces the world of Water. XD

 Beth and Emma.

 Another Canon moment with Grace Anna!

 I'm getting more daring with my wave pictures, holding the camera still until there is only a macro second before it gets splashed...
I'm going to ruin my camera.

 Ashley restrained herself, and did not step on the dunes, nor picked the weedy things. The state protects them, and It is oh so tempting to pick and step on the things...but I wont. I wont. I wont. I wont. (Keep repeating it, and it shall drive the temptation from my head, I'm sure...)

Yes. I had A LOT of fun with Grace and Emma. Both are very sweet girls.
And, oh, I knew I was forgetting something...
 Proof of our in fact meeting!
Pardon the wet and drippy looking me, I couldn't change, as the bathrooms had been shut out already, but oh well. XD 
 Me and Grace.
Me and Emma.
And their whole beautiful family. ^.^
It really was a blast, I hope to someday get to visit with them again.
*kiss kiss hug hug*
Totally off topic, but all living people need to see THIS.


  1. awesome picture!!! the seaside is a place of fun, friends and adventure!!

  2. Ashley, you were an absolute JOY to meet! We were all excited to meet you and your lovely family! Next year, the beach, it must be a date! Give your family our love!


    1. Agreeing Julie! We had a blast and it must be an annual adventure!!

  3. GRACIE ANN! (Sorry, these are the first pictures of their family I've seen in quite a while!!)

    Looks like you guys had a blast! I SOOOOO wish I could have been there. And I totally forgot you were from Alabama... Definitely will have to meet up next summer when I'm there!!

  4. I love Destin and I'm so happy you got to meet your blogging friends! I haven't gotten to meet any yet, but I dearly hope to sometime!

  5. I had to comment to say that your pictures of the ocean are divine; I could almost literally smell and taste the sea air--and that's a rarity for me. So well done.


  6. That is SO awesome you guys got together!!! And terrific photos! :D


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