Oh, You Two // A Fallish Short Story

Emi breathed in deeply, and sighed happily. "Doesn't it smell wonderful?!" She twirled in the brisk air before flopping into a pile of leaves. 
Vice followed behind her, his eyes darting to every tree, every possible place for danger to lurk, "Hmm?" 
Emi propped up on one elbow in her pile of leaves, and tossed a brown, crinkly one at him. "I said, Sir Caution, doesn't it smell wonderful?" 
Vice shrugged, jerking his hood lower over his face. 
Emi sighed, "You are hopeless, you know that?" she stood up, and linked her arm through his. "Stop searching for possible threats for just one moment. Close your eyes, for me?" 
Vice sighed with much drama, causing Emi to roll her eyes. Under his hood and mask, he grinned. She never realized how cute she was when she did that. 
Emi peeped under his hood quickly to make sure his eyes were indeed closed, and continued, "Breathe in deeply, fill your lungs with crisp autumn air" 
Vice did as he was instructed, and replied, "Is Autumn air any different then Summer, or Winter, or Spring air?" 
"Yes, now don't be smart. I'm teaching right now"
"Teaching? So I'm actually going to learn something from you? I don't think that is quite fair, I'm lots older then you" 
Emi shoved him gently and said sternly, "A lot older, maybe. But not nearly so wise in some matters" but she did seem pleased to have loosened him up some. 
"So, back to breathing in deeply, you did that, but do it again" 
Without a bicker, Vice did as was bidded to him.  "And now what?"
"Just enjoy it. Deep breath in, deep breath out, in, out, no danger, no harm, do danger, no harm" Emi moved her hands in a wave motion to get her point across, even though she had told Vice to close his eyes. 
For a moment they were both silent, then Vice glanced at Emi. She was standing with the most serene look at her face, he had to chuckle. She caught him just as he looked away, and she squeezed his arm painfully tight, "You opened them". 
"alright, alright, sorry, oh fair Elemental Ladyship, I plead mercy" He fell to his knees, the wind catching at his hood, and pulling it back enough to expose his black masked face, and blackened ringlets. 
Emi was about to reply, when a giggle bursts from behind a nearby tree. 
Vice stood up quickly, yanking the hood back, and resuming his alert, and cold posture. 
Chakra's head poked from around the Flamewood she had hidden behind, "You two are simply adorable when together, and Vice, you should be more easy going more, you aren't actually that despicable when you are light hearted" she disappeared again, and the fast fading crunch on fallen leaves spoke of her hasty flight away. 
"We should get her for that" Emi mumbled. 
Vice nodded silently. 
"Leaves down her dress?" Emi laughed and grasped Vice's hand, before he had a chance to reply, she jerked him along behind her, leading him along the path of laughter. 

((I know, long time, no post. Apology, apologies. But there HAS been a reason for my long, and unwanted absence! My Mom installed NetNanny on our laptop, and it won't let me post on Blogger. We're trying to work our the whys on that matter, but it is taking DREADFULLY long.  But I couldn't wait any longer, and typed this short repartee on my iPhone.   The coming of Fall warranted some sort of short story. And since in particularly adoring Vice and Emi right now, I decided to make a little Autumn scene for them. FYI, these are my NaNo characters. ^.^. Anyway, Cheerio, and I WILL try to post more! {{hugs hugs}} )) 


  1. I loved the snippet.
    And wow - you typed it on your iPhone? O_o I stand in awe!

    1. Thank you! I've learned from necessity how to type and type well on this iPhone thingamajig. I'm not about to write a novel with it, but I can do a chapter. Or two. Preferably not two, but oh well. XD

  2. I LIKE very much. It's lovely... I would totally like to read more.
    So why is he so cautious? Why does he have a hood and a mask?

    1. Ah. My darling Vice. ^.^. This novel is 'Fire' and I have a Pinterest Story board for it....it's "Bring The Flames//Fire".

      I fear if I were to explain his hood and caution, I'd have to write a post...which isn't actually a bad idea. Vice would like a post all about him and his. Lol


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