A Very Phantom Party

I am your Angel of Music. Come to the angel of music... I am your Angel of Music. Come to the Angel of Music...

This weekend I had the honor of attending a dear Friend's 13th birthday party.
 Phantom of the Opera themed.

As many of you know, POTO is a huge love of mine. Actually, that needs to be repeated. HUGE HUGE HUGE HUUUUGGEEE!!!!! love of mine.  I watched the trailer for the 2004 movie, and even though I knew nothing of the plot, or story, I felt drawn.  I felt grief for the poor masked man. And then I read the book, and was hooked. Heart, soul, and mind. I cried myself to sleep the night after finishing it.  I couldn't believe Christine had rejected Erik for RAOUL. (I still can't believe it. I mean, COME ON. What does Raoul have that Erik doesn't have 100% better?).

So when I heard that this party was being planned, I was already looking forward to it. Then the invitations arrived, it was requested, but not needed, that we come in masquerade fashion.  I was even more overjoyed. Dressing in costumes are just my THING. I love masks, gowns, frilly hats, trains, and feathers. 

My costumes really needs a post of its own, so I wont go into to much detail on its production, except that I have had the fabric for 2 years, and the pattern for 1 year. This was the push to finally make it. And I procrastinated. Finishing it a mere 10 minutes before having to walk out the door for the party. 

(Up above, I'm the lass in the blue and white medieval gown with the white, feather topped mask. Almost in the middle)

Let your mind start a journey
through a strange new world!
Leave all thoughts
of the world you knew before!
Let your soul take you where you
long to be !
Only then can you belong to me ...

 I actually had never met Lina (The birthday lady), so when we first got there, it was just a bit awkward. But I think we hit off relatively well.  (Lina is the girl in the pink dress and pink mask).  When I first got out of the vehicle, I had to contain a small fangirl attack right then and there.

They had hired a guy to dress and act like Erik.

Yeah. I was going to have an overload unless I managed to get myself under control. Which I did. I am glad to tell you all I did, in fact, not rush and hug that poor unsuspecting fellow. 

And you got to love my totally derpy face up ^there^.

                           You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you!

Mr. Erik-man put on a little performance for us, we had a little open mic singing (Which, I did do. I was so terrified, but, I think it has helped me.  Now, I'd be less scared to sing in front of a crowd....I can't have stage fright if I want to be a Musical performer).
Me and a girl named Bethany (Who I did exchange contact info with, she was awesome ^.^) sang 
'Think of Me' then the radio broke, so that was the end of that. 

Paper faces on parade.
Hide your face, so the world will never find you!
Every face a different shade.
Look around -
there's another
mask behind you!

There was a party game that tied in with the ring Erik gave Christine in the story.  We were all given a little golden ring, and were supposed to keep it, and not lose it, all through the night. Sound easy? No. You lose the ring if you said the word 'Phantom'. Whoever caught you saying it was allowed to take your ring. Whoever had the most rings at the end of the night won a prize. 

Try not saying 'Phantom' at a Phantom of the Opera party. It's harder then you think.

I lost my ring once, then got it, and then got another ring, so I did ok. But Bethany had like, 10 rings. XD Ring mogul.

Pitiful creature of darkness...
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you you are not alone... 


Everything was just perfect. We weren't able to stay for the sleep over  and movie part (I'm GOING to buy POTO one day...That way I can watch it each time I need a cry) but I still had a blast. I made new friends, and just enjoyed myself completely.

I fangirled, laughed, fake fainted (It was a MAGNIFICENT collapse. I do wish they had gotten a picture of that), won a contest for most answers to a POTO trivia game, and was stuffed most wonderfully on the delicious dinner that the cater's served. French catering. I think yes, thank you.  And had a lovely amount of chocolate.

I completely enjoyed myself.

We love, we live, we give what we can give
And take what little we deserve
We love, we live, we give what we can give
And take what little we deserve
Once upon another time

Sadly, all images are NOT mine. They are completely and wholly property of  Mesa Cole Photography.  As you can tell, she is a WONDERFUL photographer, with a clever eye. Give her a look, will ya? It's the least I can ask, seeing how I stole her pictures.

Oh, My Brother got a blog. He hasn't posted anything yet, but he hopes to get into this 'thing' called blogging. 

And then a few friends and I started a RP blog! (Oh Ellyn, I'm having many flashbacks from Cleiti days. And discovering JUST how hard being a mod is....). Give us a look through at 'The Incantevole Tales', if you want. ^.^ FYI, I write Bly and Xander,


  1. OHMYGOODNESS, that looks so much fun! Sounds like you had a blast, and I want to throw a POTO themed birthday party now. Ahem.

  2. OH my gosh!! Sosososososo EPIC!!!!!
    Wow I'm so jealous, wish I could have been there!
    Great pictures, what a party!!!


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