Blue Skies and Sunshine

Things are finally working their way back to normal around here.  We still miss Nate dearly, but things are working their way to normalcy.

-We (Evan, Zeb and I) were invited to a 1940s Mystery Dinner birthday party the 28th. It involves a skit, in which me and Evan have been asked to act in.  I'm playing the part of Mrs. Felicity Simons, wife of the millionaire, Colonel Geoffrey Simons.  I'm rather looking forward to the part, even though Kayla (the birthday girl)'s brother, Dylan, will be playing Colonel Simons and some people talk to easily.  Oh well. It's just a part, and I'm going to play the best Felicity Simons there ever was.  My brothers got their 1940 outfits this evening, but I'm going to town on Monday to get mine.
Evan is rather proud of his (he is playing Inspector I.B Clueless...yep. That lucky joker gets to solve the crime.  But thats fine because..shhh...I'm the killer) 'costume'.

-I've been reading "The Ranger's Apprentice" since I FINALLY got it in the mail. Finally. I kissed the book when I got it. And, Halt is just.....I'm going to marry him. That's all. Go your own ways, just me marrying Halt. I seriously want to be a Ranger now....And I can't wait to get the cloak for my medieval dress made. Yes. This whole book I have been going "CLOOOOAKS AND HOOOOOOODS!!!"

-Writing. Ugh. My mind has been spilling forth with so many new ideas, I'm at a standstill on which to start. I refuse to let myself write more than 5 at a time, but that means I'll have ever so many plot bits written down and laying around. I know I want to write "State Of Mind", rewrite "TSO-Emi", "Jade 0.2", "Miss Holmes" and also "For The Last Time" but all the other plots and people are crowding against my imagination's barriers. I'm about to have a revolt on my hands.
Sheesh. Writing is hard, and anyone who tells you other wise is selling something.

-We are had friends over last night for dinner and Oysters. If you have never had raw Oysters on crackers with Hot sauce, you haven't lived yet. And that's me saying that. Me, who doesn't really like the stuff all that much. I'm completely okay with raw products (Sushi girl here) but the texture...I don't know. I wouldn't call it "nose snot" as it is VERY different...but I don't indulge in Oysters as much as other members of my family.
Saltines alone with Tabasco sauce is pretty good when said and done. ;)

-I had a dream last night that I was visiting Shirley Temple's (who, in fact, is still alive. So, if you see this, "Hello Ms. Temple!") house. And I was going to tweet about it, in my dream, but I kept getting interrupted. And now, I don't have proof if we really do live in other realities in our dreams. But I'm working on it. Don't worry, I'll find proof.

-Don't you love finding candy that you his from yourself?

-I'm getting the Christmas blues again. As I've said before, my family doesn't celebrate the holiday. The last time we had a tree and presents was...must have been close to 10 years ago. If not a wee bit farther. But each time December rolls around, I get the Christmas blues. I randomly sing Jingle Bells before having to clasp a hand over mine mouth and halt (I said halt. I like this word) mine self from proceeding thus.
Normally, I would do a post explaining why we don't celebrate Christmas, but I'm beginning to have internal convictions as to whether I feel that way, or my parents feel that way and I just continue as I have under their roof. I'm not ready to really look into whether I feel Christmas is alright, since, what would I do if I did feel it was fine? But, I haven't withheld Christmas songs from myself this year. And I have decorated my Sim's homes for the Holidays. And am participating in the Tea Spitter's Secret Santa swap. So, no Defense of Non-Christmas Celebrators this year...I don't feel like it would be right when I myself don't know how I feel on that subject.

-My cousins are coming over tonight, and staying a few days.  They might need to turn my bedroom into a guest room, so I really should be cleaning, but instead I'm listening to Coldplay, writing a blog post, and looking into Narniawebs. I suppose I should be leaving, but I felt guilty leaving y'all without a proper "whassup" post.  Like I said at the top, we're slowly healing, and life has pretty much synced itself back to normal.  Occasional something will be said that will brush the hurt open, and it will sting for a bit, but I think we've all accepted Nate's place now.  And we know he is waiting for us up in heaven.  It helps to imagine him, patiently waiting.

 Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find that the sky is yours
So please don't, please don't, please don't.
There's no need to complicate
'Cause our time is short
This oh, this oh, this is our fate, I'm yours
-Jason Mraz- I'm Yours-


  1. Ranger' Apprentice. :D We all love Halt.

  2. Nice! Sounds like a fun party idea!
    And Ranger's Apprentice sounds good. Cloaks? *with* hoods?



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