Mr. Never-Will-Happen

•When you wear button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up and the top buttons undone•

•When you drink Tea instead of coffee, unless it Starbucks. and then it's a date•

•When your accents is so adorable. Like. Always•

•When you Watch chick flicks with me, after we watch Action movies, of course•

•When you help little girls and old ladies•

•When you sing out loud to your favorite songs•

•When you write me letters instead of texts•

•When you bring hot chocolate•

•When you Smile and throw your head back in a laugh•

•When you listen intently as I talk about nonsense•

•The Way your hands move when you are excited about whatever you are talking about•

•The way my hand fits in yours•

•The way your jacket smells•

•That way you are polite to everyone, even when you think I'm not looking•

•When you buy books for me instead of roses• 

•The way you dress, your jackets, your shirts, your hair• 

•When you do this cute thing called, "Not existing". I love that. A lot. But can we please stop playing that game, because, I'm still here. You win•

You win.

-Dedicated to all the Mr. Never-Will-Happens in this bright world so sweet and fair.

Signed with sarcasm and "who needs guys? I have cats"ism.
Cheerio me old cream crumpets,

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  1. amen. I will grow into an old cat lady who knits and can barely see with glasses. My Mr. Perfect-who-has-an-accent-and-is-generally-wonderful seems to unreal. :P


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal